COBRA Services

COBRA Administration Services:

It’s COBRA, minus the headaches.

COBRA is time-consuming and stressful. The laws are complicated, and noncompliance brings serious repercussions. Businessolver’s COBRA administration services are provided from the same database as eligibility data, ensuring a smooth transition for COBRA-eligible employees and a simple, hands-off process for your team. We’ll help you meet your company’s needs while staying compliant.

Businessolver’s COBRA Administration Services

  • Efficient and complete web-based processing of all required notifications, elections and terminations
  • Management of payment coupons and participant premiums
  • Flexible and responsive service that adapts to your specific needs
  • Monthly reports and notifications
  • Legislative and regulatory updates

Systematically manage and track the full employee life cycle – from notification, enrollment and billing, to payment, eligibility updates, premium disbursement and termination – all in one place. Benefitsolver.