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Wind your clock back to 1998 and recall a world filled with highly manual, paper-driven benefits processes. Hopefully that doesn’t send our HR partners into cold sweats. But it was in that environment that Businessolver opened its doors to address the day-to-day challenges of human resources and safety and risk management.

Even then, our business was focused on looking for a better way. By 2000, Benefitsolver — benefits administration technology owned and developed by Businessolver — was expanded to support Web-based benefits enrollment and administration. Our first implementation was for an 8,000-employee company. Since then, we’ve helped millions of employees educate themselves and enroll online.

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Today, Businessolver delivers market-changing benefits technology supported by an intrinsic and unwavering responsiveness to your needs — now and down the road. Clients trust us to take care of them and their employees with a configurable and secure SaaS platform and a culture of service, all aimed at total and measurable success and their complete delight.

What’s “total and measurable success”? In every relationship with us, everyone involved achieves their desired, quantifiable outcomes — whether you’re the benefits consultant, the HR or benefits professional, or the employee.

What’s the difference between customer satisfaction and “complete delight”? Meeting your stated and anticipated expectations, and fully delivering on our brand promise, is just the start of what we’re talking about. Complete delight extends to predicting your future needs and desires and working on technology and service today to solve challenges and provide solutions that you may not even know you’ll face.

We help companies like yours maximize their investment in their benefits program, minimize exposure to risk, engage employees with our easy-to-use solution and full suite of communication vehicles, and empower them to use their benefits wisely and control their costs as well as your own.

Enriching with Engagement

With our founding roots in insurance, technology, and benefits consulting, Businessolver is a benefit administration company that has a strong footing to deliver a consultative approach and highly efficient, effective online enrollment and administration capabilities. In turn, clients enjoy cost savings, employee satisfaction improvements, and more strategic human resource deployment.

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We measure our emotional relationship with every client weekly.

Our account service rep has been amazing. She leads literally the best service team that I have worked with. She is always positive, flexible, and knowledgeable. I can’t really say enough about how awesome she has been!Compensation and benefits analyst, 1,100-member banking/financial company