Employee engagement, global talent management, recruitment and retention - these are all critical issues that keep leaders up at night, but many are struggling with how to find a solution to these issues in a fast-paced business world that requires businesses to do more with less.

It turns out, the key ingredient to addressing these issues was right in front of us all along: Empathy.

Businessolver is excited to announce the launch of our new Workplace Empathy Monitor, which surveyed more than 1,000 CEOs, HR Professionals and Employees. This eye-opening study found that there is a gap between how empathetic leaders perceive themselves to be and how their message and action are perceived by employees.

That gap can lead to decreased satisfaction and lowered engagement levels, not to mention employee turnover and low morale. Employees want their priorities, expectations and needs to be heard and understood by their leadership, and leaders are struggling with what to do and say that shows empathy to their employees.

It turns out, there are significant bottom-line benefits to having an empathetic organization. According to Businessolver's research, employees are more likely to take - and keep - a job at an organization that they perceive to be empathetic (even if that means taking a lower paycheck). Consumers, too, are more eager to do business with an organization that they think is empathetic.

It's clear that empathy is the investment organizations have to make to reap the benefits of an engaged workforce and drive revenue in a customer base that is increasingly basing purchasing decisions just as much on how a company behaves and what it believes as what it produces.

The Workplace Empathy Monitor is an eye-opening must-read for senior leadership and HR Professionals, but also for managers honing their skills and employees who want to learn more about ways to inspire empathy in their workplace.

Take a look at some of the key findings below, and join our conversation about empathy on social media using #EmpathyAtWork. We'd love to hear your thoughts!


Read the executive summary and get the key findings to share with your organization.

Executive Summary

Learn how great leaders inspire empathy in the workplace with this data.

Empathy Presentation

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