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Webinar: Annual Enrollment Boot Camp

While the summer was about getting beach ready, fall is now here – which for HR pros means getting benefits ready. Annual enrollment is around the corner, and we know you have your plans, partners, and pricing all set. But what about things like communications, compliance, and confidence that employee and dependent information is fully secure? That’s where we come in.

During this session, get a one-hour boot camp to fine tune those final AE items so your team’s “benefitness” is at the top of its game when enrollment starts. Our speakers offer valuable strategies to strengthen your AE preparation and make enrollment season more successful. View our Annual Enrollment Boot Camp to learn:

  • Communication techniques to engage and educate your employees in making benefits decisions.
  • Proactive tips to help ACA compliance seamless next spring.
  • Ways to protect employees’ and dependents’ health and benefits data.


  • Susan Lowe, Director of Benefits, Sephora USA
  • Ammiel Kamon, Senior Vice President of Product and Marketing, Guidespark
  • Bridget Lind, Associate Vice President of Marketing, Businessolver
  • Ben Pasker, Vice President of Client Services, Businessolver


Watch the webinar