Benefits Cost Savings Calculator

How it helps you determine your potential savings

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At Businessolver, we are focused on helping you unlock your organization’s maximum benefits potential.

We leverage technology to empower employees in selecting and activating on available plans and programs, and provide employers real-time data and insights to optimize efficiency, manage costs and ensure compliance within your HR and benefits programs.

To help you better understand how investing in benefits technology can impact you, we leveraged data from our own system, as well as industry studies, to develop a Benefits Cost Savings Tool. By taking just one minute to complete the calculator with your company’s benefits information (or your best guesses) we can estimate your potential savings in three categories: HR efficiency, employee productivity and health care costs.

HR Efficiency

HR efficiency is often the first area of focus for an organization when considering a benefits administration platform. With internal resources stretched thin, HR professionals seek solutions that enable them to focus their time and energy on strategic initiatives, rather than transactions. We have identified four key areas contributing to cost avoidance and savings:

  • Reduced vendor management
  • Change order cost avoidance ​
  • Employee Self Service
  • Payroll impact

Employee Productivity

According to one study by the Workplace Research Foundation, simply increasing employee engagement investments by 10 percent can increase an organization’s profits by $2,400 per employee per year. This is just one example, but the fact remains that it is worth your time to develop strategies to raise your employees’ productivity. Empowering employees to find the right information at the right time within your benefits programs will likely have far greater impact on productivity than even what we are demonstrating within this calculator.

Health Care Cost

Health care is typically one of the most expensive benefits for employers to provide, constituting 8.3 percent of total compensation for civilian workers in March 2019. (US BLS Report 2019) You’ve heard us mention the right information at the right time. We also support the right care at the right place, helping employees in the benefits selection process, and in activating employees into the underlying plans and programs you make available. In the health care cost category, we have identified four specific areas we aid in reducing health care spend and trend:

  • Ensuring ineligible dependents do not participate in the plan
  • Health plan migration
  • Alternative solution to COBRA
  • Integrated provider guidance

Take me to the Benefits Cost Savings Calculator