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5 Dangers HR Feels About Its Data

5 Dangers HR Feels About Its Data
Posted on Friday, June 12, 2015 by Businessolver Team

SaaS benefits technology isn’t just here to stay – it’s only going to grow. But jumping on the SaaS bandwagon doesn’t matter if you don’t feel completely secure knowing the data of your employees is safe and protected in the cloud. That’s why HR needs to know how to evaluate if their data, and their employees data, is taken care of. We’ve narrowed down HR’s biggest fears when it comes to data secruity:

1. Everyone’s going to get their hands on our company data – finance, operations, business strategy.

With data breaches becoming commonplace in today’s headlines, it’s hard not to feel like putting your information out there is putting it at risk.

2. Everyone’s going to get their hands on personal employee data—health data, identification data, family data.

In 2013, there were 622 reported data breaches, of which 277 were in the healthcare industry. The value of a healthcare record is far more valuable on the black market than say, a credit card number, making the healthcare industry a larger target than ever before.

3. A system in the cloud will never integrate with our other systems and we’ll never launch our benefits enrollment platform.

Switching to a new solution can be intimidating, especially if you’re coming from a different solution that requires some big changes.

4. Everyone’s in one big cloud, so how’s my stuff safe from the prying eyes of competitors or hackers?

Are some clouds more safe than others, and how do we know we’re in a safe one?

5. Where is someone when something goes wrong?

With your own server, you know who to call and where the equipment is. When you outsource—how do you know who to go to? It can be scary to let go of the reigns! But

Our latest eBook, Cloud Schmoud, takes a closer look at each of these challenges, and how to overcome them. Take matters into your own hands and learn how to ensure that the HR technology vendor you choose will protect the personal and financial information of your employees and their family members. Can you say your data’s safe?