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ACA Solution Checklist

ACA Solution Checklist
Posted on Tuesday, August 25, 2015 by Businessolver Team

With penalties in the millions, everywhere you turn there is a frenetic energy about the ACA. It feels like stakeholders are realizing how complex the requirements are and just how difficult getting answers to all the nuances is. Heck, with over 14 thousand words within the ACA itself, it’s no wonder what the confusion is all about—the ACA is, frankly, clear as mud, and people are starting to panic. But it’s not just HR that should be panicking. ACA compliance touches nearly every unit within a company—finance, tax, legal, IT, benefits, all along with HR.

What HR needs is a compliance partner that they can trust to get them through the mess. But how do you determine

What would that be? What should a vendor and its solution be able to deliver you? At the least, we suggest you consider this checklist of capabilities:

  1. The ability to aggregate data from disparate systems

  2. Assurance that all necessary data is captured

  3. Determination of coverage eligibility and monitoring affordability

  4. Delivering eligibility alerts and initial notices of coverage

  5. Automated population and distribution of all required IRS forms

  6. Management of exchange and subsidy notification logs and responses

  7. Compliance with rules for storing aggregated data and performing audit reconciliation