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Adoptable at Any Age

Adoptable at Any Age
Posted on Monday, September 19, 2016 by [email protected]

As we move quickly to the end of Q3 we want to continue to remind people that there are many great organizations out there that help communities by rescuing, adopting and fostering animals. This quarter Businessolver is supporting AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Freedom Service Dogs.

Deb DeFino, Software Engineer at Businessolver is no stranger to rescuing dogs. She’s passionate about making sure senior pets find forever homes. She has three older rescue dogs and wants to get the word out that pets of all ages are adoptable.

Here’s Deb’s story:
“I’ve adopted two dogs, Oliver, a Maltese mix, and Yogi, a long-haired German Shepherd. We also have a miniature dachshund we rescued from a puppy mill.


Yogi came to us through Virginia German Shepherd Rescue. We don’t know much about his background except that he was surrendered due to a broken home, with neither adult able to care for him. Yogi is a senior gentleman, which made him much less adoptable than the younger dogs. He was almost 8 when we rescued him last September. My significant other, who isn’t as much of a dog lover as I am, walked up to greet Yogi at a rescue event occurring in our town. Yogi proceeded to give him a facial tongue bath and Randy was totally smitten. We came home with him that night. He is a handsome, gentle giant (95 lbs.) who quickly became a cherished member of our family.

There are so many wonderful, yet unwanted, pets spending their days locked inside cages, waiting for someone to love and be loved. I’m an advocate for the adoption of the more senior pets. Even in animal shelters, the puppies and younger animals are the first to find homes. I understand why folks are more hesitant to adopt an older animal; they don’t have as many years left, they might have health issues, ‘can’t teach an old dog new tricks,’ etc.  But, there’s something good for the soul in knowing you’re providing care, compassion, and a loving home for a beautiful creature who might otherwise languish in the confines of a cage, waiting, possibly forever, for his former family to return to pick him up, possibly wondering what he did to cause this abandonment.”