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AI Taking the HR World by Storm

AI Taking the HR World by Storm
Posted on Wednesday, September 26, 2018 by Bridget Mortland

AI is revolutionizing HR. Never was this more evident than at the annual HR Technology conference in Las Vegas.


A quick lap of the expo floor proved the power of intelligent applications in today’s landscape. From recruiting to benefits, everyone is eager to see how AI is and will continue to change the game for HR. 

And we here at Businessolver, are right there with you. After launching Sofia in 2017, we have continued to push the envelope in how we can bring new and exciting technologies to our Benefitsolver platform. And while Sofia is our “poster child” (and we are pretty proud of the work she does), we are doing much more to bring intelligent applications to our platform. 

Independent Verification 

Just last week, we announced the introduction of instant verification to Benefitsolver. What’s instant verification? Imagine an employee added a child during annual enrollment and now needs to provide documentation to approve that child for benefits. Thanks to instant verification, once the employee uploads the valid birth certificate for the child, our platform approves them, within seconds. No more manual processing, no more wait times. 

How does it work? It’s actually not that foreign. We’ve been doing it for years within the banking industry. Think about every time you deposit a check through a mobile app. You take a picture, the software reads the check, and then instantly deposits it into your account. We are using similar technology to instantly approve documentation.  

How AI can help 

Too good to be true? It feels like it. We need to remember that intelligent applications go beyond just chatbots and virtual assistants (although they are pretty great!) Intelligent applications, when done right, should help us REMOVE manual processes from our lives and increase productivity.  

A recent survey by CareerBuilder found that HR professionals are handling 14 hours a week of manual work that could be completed through AI. Fourteen hours a week! That’s a lot of time that you could put back into your day to take care of your employees or strategize within your benefits offering. 

Another added benefit? Intelligent applications don’t have human bias or error, meaning they don’t get weary at the end of the day and read a date wrong or accidently push a wrong button. Embracing AI could help us be more effective the first time. 

Lastly, it goes without saying that in this culture of convenience, most of us have gotten pretty bad at waiting. With so much available instantly at our fingertips, we quickly become frustrated with antiquated processes or long delays in processing. By using intelligent applications to bring efficiency for the end user, we help eliminate stress and create a more positive experience. 

As you continue to think about technology within your organization, look to the manual processes currently required. Are there ways to create efficiencies through AI or remove manual work? These are things we need to be considering as we enter this new age of HR.