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Alert: Receive an IRS Letter Citing ACA Noncompliance? There’s a Simple Solution

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By Angel Hower, VP Transformation
 on October 3, 2017

Did you receive IRS LTR 1865C?  Don’t panic!

One of our partners recently received such a letter, which stated that the organization’s 1094C and 1095C Forms hadn’t been submitted in the IRS-approved format, and the organization had until Oct. 18, 2017 to remedy the issue. The organization called IRS customer service, and received a recorded message:

Thank you for calling the Internal Revenue Service.  If you received letter 1865C please resubmit the forms in landscape. If you transmitted your documents electronically, please leave your business name and EIN, and we will remove you from our error queue. 

After doing some digging, we learned that the issue generally had a simple solution: Organizations that received the letter likely submitted their documents electronically in portrait format, rather than landscape format.

While it was a relief to know there was an easy fix, we knew our partner couldn’t possibly be the only organization that had received this letter, and didn’t want our clients or other partner organizations to worry unnecessarily that there was a problem with their data!

So, what should you do if you receive one of these letters? Follow these three steps:

1. Don’t panic!

2. Check the contact number on the letter. Is it 816-499-6847? If so:

  • Did you file paper 1094/1095 documents? Please abide by their requirements to resubmit in approved landscape format.
  • Did you file electronic 1094/1095 documents? Please call the number above, leaving your company name and associated FEIN, so that the agency can remove your organization from the error list.

3. Rest easy that Businessolver has your back! Part of delivering delight is making sure we have the complete lay of the land(scape) when it comes to ACA compliance. Although issues can and do arise, we’re glad to let you know that this particular one has an easy fix!