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Annual Enrollment Post-Mortem

Annual Enrollment Post-Mortem
Posted on Friday, January 8, 2016 by Businessolver Team

Annual enrollment just got over for many HR professionals, and as easy as it may be to want to take a break, relax and close the file in this year’s enrollment, it might be to your advantage to take a moment to



Maybe you’re ready to close the file on this year’s annual enrollment, or maybe you’re ready to spearhead into

Our friends at EBN meanwhile offered in a recent article a few other, more tactical tips conducting a post-mortem as part of your plan for your next open enrollment rodeo:

  • Reflect on your 2015 goals.Recalling hard and soft goals for open enrollment this year will provide the baseline for measuring how successful your campaign was.
  • Make a list.Take inventory of strategies that worked well and those that were less effective.
  • Critique your 2015 benefits communications.Ask your benefits team to review communications materials with a fresh eye. Consider how you could have made your messaging more eye-catching and engaging, whether in print or electronic.
  • Survey your employees.This doesn’t have to be a complex or time-consuming process. But don’t forget to ask at least one open-ended question that requires employees to send a narrative response.
  • Choose two guiding words for next year.Simple examples may be “timing” and “refresh.” If you had trouble getting emails out on time, for example, you may want to focus on timing. If with the benefit of hindsight, your posters look tired and boring, you may want to refresh or revise your themes and graphics next year.