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Businessolver Celebrates National Coming Out Day

Businessolver Celebrates National Coming Out Day
Posted on Thursday, October 19, 2023 by Carrie Clogg

Building a culture of inclusion and belonging is a daily commitment and priority at Businessolver. In honor of National Coming Out Day, we’re taking a moment to acknowledge the work we’ve done and celebrate the Solvers who help us stay accountable each day.

Last week, on October 11, was National Coming Out Day. Businessolver strives to create a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space for all Solvers, including those of the LGBTQIA+ community, by being allies. The Businessolver Foundation, our philanthropic arm, is especially proud to support and represent our Solvers by investing into resources and programs to support those on their journey to share about coming out.  

One of our Foundation’s giving pillars is diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB). With that in mind, we partner frequently with Businessolver’s internal DEIB efforts to present ways for our Solvers to talk about their experiences and share different perspectives. While National Coming Out Day is a dedicated day to recognize those who have come out and those who are on their journey to do so safely, supporting DEIB efforts is a year-round, 24/7 commitment.  

Here are a few of the ways we and our Solvers invest into supporting our DEIB efforts and LGBTQIA+ Solver community and allies in our organization and how we honored National Coming Out Day through the Foundation. 

DEIB Conversation Corners 

Each month, Solvers host an hour-long discussion on a DEIB topic. The virtual conversation space is open to everyone in the company to join, share, listen, and learn. This month, our topic was National Coming Out Day and we invited Solvers to tell their “coming out” stories in a safe and welcoming space so others could learn about the importance of this day and the journey of those in our community. 

Charitable giving

This year, the Businessolver Foundation made a charitable contribution to The Trevor Project in support of National Coming Out Day. The Trevor Project believes young LGBTQIA+ people deserve a welcoming, loving world. And their mission is to wake up every day dedicated to making that a reality.  

Year-round, the Foundation dedicates dollars and volunteer hours to supporting local communities by providing or creating resources to support mental health, DEIB, and educational opportunities—because regardless of which philanthropic pillar we’re supporting through our efforts, we want to create a safe, positive, and supportive impact for the diverse communities we operate in and around.  

Supporting and celebrating our Solvers 

We could talk all day about how much our Solvers mean to us and what we do to support them. But our Solvers’ stories are often just as, if not more, impactful. Here’s Becky Hayter’s, Consumer Experience Strategist at Businessolver, story, shared with her permission. 

As we celebrate National Coming Out Day today, remember that life is incredibly unique. We all have different paths, circumstances, thoughts, and dreams. But no matter how different our lives may be, we all share a common desire for love. Love may take various forms for each of us, but the feeling of being in love is universal. Being part of the LGBTQIA+ community has enabled me to grow into the person I am today and to discover the love that was meant for me, rather than conforming to society’s expectations. 

I’m grateful to have found a place where I can both work and be myself. This is something I will never take for granted, having experienced the opposite. For those of you who may feel lost, scared, or hesitant to follow your heart and listen to the thoughts in your head, know that you are not alone. The process of “coming out” never truly ends, so take your time, discover yourself, and don’t let hate or fear hold you back. We all deserve true happiness in this brief life we live. We will continue to fight for the freedom to live openly and for the rights and equality that many may not realize they have. Be kind, love, and make the most of each day. 

Businessolver prides itself on going beyond just lip service when it comes to DEIB. It’s an intrinsic part of our culture and our business. We discuss, seek, learn, and become more connected by learning about the lives of others, and that learning is successful because of the diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experience we have in our organization. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are what makes our company unique and successful.  

Want to learn more about how Becky and other Solvers are putting Tech with Heart into action each day? See what we do at the Businessolver Foundation