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Businessolver Announces Exclusive Pinnacle Program

Businessolver Announces Exclusive Pinnacle Program
Posted on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 by Businessolver Team

Strategic integrations are better for benefits services for overall employee well-being.


Enter: the Pinnacle Program.

The Pinnacle Program is an exclusive partnership between Businessolver and preferred voluntary benefits carriers that will ensure that supplemental benefits options are fully integrated into the Benefitsolver® platform.

You may be wondering, how is the Pinnacle Program strategic?

The Pinnacle Program facilitates enhanced benefits engagement for employers and employees alike. By providing tight data integration across carriers and highly efficient operations, this program makes it easier for members to fully use all of the voluntary offerings that play a role in their total well-being. It’s great for clients because it allows organizations to support their employees engaging with and maximizing their benefits investments. This can improve employee retention and productivity by addressing physical health, mental health and financial well-being.