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Businessolver Interns Deliver Delight by Giving Back: Part 2

Businessolver Interns Deliver Delight by Giving Back: Part 2
Posted on Thursday, August 18, 2016 by [email protected]

Businessolver interns have all headed back to school. Even though they’re gone, they’ve left a lasting impression on their coworkers and  community by delivering delight in and outside the office. 

For their service project, Team 2 interns chose to help out by hitting the gym. Read on to learn about their time at Courage League Sports.


Team 2, left to right: RJ Marshall, Colin Farrell, Natalie Hallman, Kyla Inderski, Wyatt Sann

“Courage League Sports is a non-profit, adaptive sports and recreational facility for individuals with special needs and this is where our team choose to volunteer. They serve over 1,000 kids and adults with a wide range of disabilities each month. The organization offers specialized programs for individuals who can’t go full speed due to physical, cognitive, or emotional disability.

We were shown activities and interactive technologies developed specifically for the individuals they cater to and worked in stations and led huge groups of kids through various sports and games (including wheel chair soccer, which was one of our favorites!). Volunteering at Courage League was a very rewarding experience for our team and was incredible to help kids that may not always have the same opportunities as other children. Courage League Sports gives them the chance to play like a normal kid and not feel held back by their disabilities.

Courage League is more than a recreational center for individuals with special needs. It has become a support system and community for families with disabled children. They are always looking for volunteers and donations to continue improving the facility, and we hope that we’ll be able to visit Courage League again in the near future!”