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Can Offering Pet Insurance Lower Health Care Spend?

Can Offering Pet Insurance Lower Health Care Spend?
Posted on Monday, April 11, 2022 by Pets Best

Can Offering Pet Insurance Lower Health Care Spend? 


By Pets Best 


H2: Over 90 million households in the U.S. have at least one pet. Whether they have fur, feathers, or scales, animals have an incredible impact on peoples’ overall health and well-being.  




Today is National Pet Day and a great time to appreciate fur babies of all shapes and sizes. Dog person or cat person? Doesn’t matter. 


Owning pets in general sets in motion a whole host of amazing health benefits. Having a companion can ease loneliness and give emotional support as people embark on both physical and mental wellness journeys. Especially this April, Stress Awareness Month, let’s take some time to appreciate all our pets do for us: 


  • Common pets, including dogs and horses, require physical movement with their owners. Getting the heart pumping, no matter indoors or outdoors, is one of the best health habits to prevent high blood pressure and other cardiovascular concerns.  
  • Animals offer a variety of people increased independence— for those who are physically disabled to children struggling to meet developmental milestones.  
  • Pet owners have shown to have better immune systems and longer life expectancies 


Ask the 70% of Americans who have pets—it’s clear how many animals are also brothers and sisters or sons and daughters for people of all ages. For younger generations especially, pets are transformative to peoples’ happiness—as seen by a willingness to choose pet insurance over covering their own expenses.  


H3: How does providing pet insurance as a voluntary benefit really make a difference? 


As we’ve learned from our recent MyChoice® Recommendation Engine Benefits Insights Report, financial well-being is of utmost importance to employees across the board. After two years living in a global health crisis, even those who had a substantial rainy-day fund are finding themselves with shallower pockets.  


With supplemental insurance, whether it covers our four-legged friends or other unexpected health costs, employees have peace of mind that they can make ends meet even when plans go awry. 


Once organizations have achieved those administration efficiencies that come from housing benefits under one platform and automating communications, the most effective tactic to further the benefits budget is to encourage and support meaning lifestyle changes in your employee population.  


There are a variety of ways to incorporate voluntary offerings into your benefits strategy. Our Pinnacle Partner™ Pets Best is a top-rated pet insurance provider. Learn more.