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Celebrating 25 Years in Business: An Inside Look into Our Biggest Milestones

Celebrating 25 Years in Business: An Inside Look into Our Biggest Milestones
Posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 by Rae Shanahan

Take a walk down memory lane and find out what’s to come with Businessolver. 

The beginning of a new year is always exciting, but 2023 marks a special place in Businessolver history—the celebration of our 25th year in business!  

It’s hard to believe how fast time has flown, but time tends to move fast when you’re having fun. From a world-class workforce of amazing humans to brilliant client and industry partners, we’re having a blast putting innovation and people at the forefront. 

There’s no question that the last couple of years have thrown some unexpected curveballs for all of us. In true Solver fashion, we adapted quickly, developing new solutions to help members and administrators keep up with the quickly changing landscape. Enhancements allowed HR teams to store vaccination information, increase member self-service capabilities, and improve the employee experience overall.  

Since the very beginning, we’ve strived to be an agent of change within the healthcare ecosystem, simplifying benefits with delightful member experiences. At our core, our purpose is to serve real people and push the envelope of technology to personalize employee benefits.  

Reflecting on all we’ve accomplished, our future as a disruptor in the benefits administration technology space is looking bright.  As Kool & the Gang would say, it’s time to “celebrate good times, come on!” 

25 years of quality service, technological innovation, and consistent leadership: 


  • Businessolver was founded in 1998 with the goal of using technology and real people to deliver market-changing benefits administration technology 
  • Principal Financial Group becomes Businessolver’s first outside investor 


  • Businessolver rolls out MyChoice® Recommendation Engine and its ACA compliance SuiteSM 
  • Investment from JMI to support platform growth for coming years 


  • Businessolver released its first State of Workplace Empathy Report in 2016 
  • Businessolver releases SofiaSM, an AI-powered benefits assistant to help simplify the annual enrollment experience 
  • Businessolver rolls out the MyChoice® Mobile app and MyChoice Market solutions 


  • Businessolver expands its technology by introducing Total RewardsSM by Benefitsolver, Innovation Works Powered by Businessolver, and MyChoice® Accounts 
  • Investment by Warburg Pincus to support and sustain growth 

2022 and beyond 

  • Businessolver introduces Personalized NavigationSM solutions to house Activation Paths, Claims-Based Personalization, and MyChoice® Find a Provider   
  • Businessolver positioned itself as a continued leader in the industry with its externally facing groups (Studio B and the Benefits Innovation Group) 
  • Workterra is acquired, expanding offerings 
  • Stone Point Capital invests in Businessolver to support market leadership positioning and expansion 

Feeling nostalgic: Our proudest moments of 2022 

  • Businessolver named on America’s Best Employers 2022 list: In February 2022, Statista and Forbes ranked Businessolver as number 11 in the industry and 111 overall on their annual best employers list. 
  • Businessolver adds five new Pinnacle Partners™ to its Pinnacle line-up: In March 2022, Businessolver expanded its ever-growing list of Pinnacle Partners with the addition of Accolade, Aetna Accident, Critical Illness, and Hospital Indemnity, MetLife Legal, MetLife Pet, and SWORD Health. 
  • Businessolver earns spot on America’s Best Employers for Women 2022 list: In August 2022, Statista and Forbes surveyed over 50,000 U.S. employees, analyzing pay equity, leave policies, flexible work culture, and more. Businessolver was honored to be named as an equitable workplace for women.
  • Businessolver Acquires Workterra to grow benefits footprint: In October 2022, Businessolver acquired its first company ever, Workterra, a fully configurable, easy-to-use benefits administration and enrollment platform to continue to grow and delight our customer base. 
  • Businessolver goes global with Benefex partnership: In December 2022, Businessolver announced its partnership with Benefex, an award-winning employee platform that delivers HR and benefits experience worldwide. Through this partnership, Businessolver was able to extend its reach to multinational companies looking for a complete benefits solution across global markets. 

Is the best yet to come in 2023? 

It’s easy to get nostalgic peeking through Businessolver’s long history of success, but as we go forward into 2023 and beyond, the biggest question is, “what’s next?”  

While we can’t reveal everything (best not to spoil the surprise, right?), we can say that “we” are ready to continue to delight, disrupt, and deliver in 2023. With your continued support to back us up, WE all can earn more than our fair share this year and for years to come. 

Cheers to 25 years of WE! We can’t wait for 2023 to be our best year yet. The celebration continues all year, so join us virtually for Vision, our two-day conference on May 18-19, 2023.