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Celebrating Women: Solver Philanthropists

Celebrating Women: Solver Philanthropists
Posted on Monday, March 8, 2021 by Carrie Clogg

Businessolver is proud to be a tech company where nearly 60% of our employees are women.


We celebrate our diversity every day, but on International Women’s Day we thought we would take the time to celebrate some of our female Solvers who go above and beyond their work duties and are true philanthropists in our communities.

Allison Jockel – Charlotte, North Carolina

Why do you give? When I was younger, I was under the impression that to truly make a difference you needed to be able to give thousands to a cause. It was only when I began volunteering that I realized that any person, at any age can make a difference. Whether it is $5 that goes to a clinical trial to buy a petri dish or donating time—it all matters.  

What cause(s) matter to you? The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is the #1 cause that I support. A lot of folks don’t know this but blood cancer is a leading cause of death in children. In fact, almost 40% of pediatric cancers are blood-related.

How does Businessolver support your philanthropic efforts? Businessolver has been supportive beyond what I ever imagined, proving that they truly do walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk when it comes to the Foundation. When I was a new hire, I was running for National AllStar Woman of the Year for the LLS, so I figured—what the heck! I reached out and the Foundation supported me monetarily but also by giving me fundraising ideas, and allowed me to speak about LLS.

Emily Webb – Des Moines

Why do you give? I have been given opportunities as a direct result of the communities I’ve lived in and I want to make sure that all Iowans have access to those same opportunities. I give because being part of a growing community requires us all to replant new seeds and nourish them so they too can blossom.

What cause(s) matter to you? I am most passionate about causes that work to fulfill basic human needs. The best organization I ever got involved with is the Des Moines Area Religious Council (DMARC) which is a food pantry distribution network in Central Iowa. In addition, I have recently been elected to serve on the Broadlawns Hospital Board because I am passionate about providing access to quality affordable healthcare.

How does Businessolver support your philanthropic efforts? From recruiting volunteers and sponsoring events to providing a match for monetary gifts, the company’s focus on giving back to the communities it serves reflects my own values and I am proud to be a part of that effort.

Phonsavanh Sullins – Des Moines

Why do you give? I give because I want to make a positive impact on my community. I’ve made it a personal goal of mine to start playing a more active role, big or small to better my community.

What cause(s) matter to you? Youth mentorship has been a cause I’ve been very passionate about. It’s extremely important for ALL youth to be provided the opportunities to reach their potential. Youth exposure to new things and having a role model is crucial to the success of our community.

How does Businessolver support your philanthropic efforts? Businessolver has supported Big Brothers Big Sisters over the years. Specifically, in 2021, Businessolver has provided a grant to support DEI efforts the organization will implement through their mentorship programs.  

Monica Hinchey  Chicago

Why do you give? I have always been a champion of the underdog and I was always taught and live by “how would you feel if it was you.” I don’t take for granted what I have and consider it a privilege to be able to help others. I have needed help and never know when I may need help again.

What cause(s) matter to you? I am most passionate about the basics—food, clothing, shelter.

How does Businessolver support your philanthropic efforts? Not only does Businessolver help through matching funds but they help support me with activities that promote my charities of choice.

We are happy to share just a few examples, there are many more! Thank you to these employees who are living our “Give Back” value and making a difference in many people’s lives.

For more information on our giving program check out our Foundation page.