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Day 2 of HR Tech Poses More Questions Than Answers

Day 2 of HR Tech Poses More Questions Than Answers
Posted on Thursday, September 13, 2018 by Businessolver Team

The sign of a good conference isn’t the solutions you discover. It’s the fodder for asking the right questions. Let’s talk!


Hello again from a first-time visitor to the HR Tech convention in Las Vegas. While my fellow Solvers were busy staffing our totally awesome booth, I was afforded the opportunity to take in a few educational sessions. Here are some observations and some questions that occurred to me. Connect with me on LinkedIn to share your thoughts.

Keynote: Future Consumers: Decoding the Trends and Opportunities Today

Former Facebook entrepreneur Randi Zuckerberg delivered an insightful and entertaining presentation about how the so-called “future consumers” are NOT 20 or 30 years off. They are here today. And, they’re driving the way businesses are selling products and experiences. As a content marketer, I couldn’t agree more with her comments on how we all play a role in delivering our organization’s brand. “Every company represented in this room is a media company. And every employee is a media spokesperson and a recruiter,” she noted. Amen! But it’s a lot more than wearing a T-shirt with your company’s logo on it — a pervasive practice at HR Tech. It’s also about how employees represent their organization, whether consciously or not, on social media or in their face-to-face interactions with others.

My question: When it comes to the benefits you offer and the way you deliver them, how are your employees reflecting their experiences — good, bad, or otherwise?

Introducing the 21st Annual Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey Findings

After her presentation, I spoke to Stacey Harris, the researcher in charge of this massive and comprehensive study. Got six minutes? Have a listen! If you feel like your HR systems are not being recognized for their “return on investment,” you’re not alone.

My question: First, think differently. Then, ask yourself, how can you talk about your HR systems’ “return on value” to your CFO and others holding the purse strings? It’s not ROI. It’s ROV, people!

Selecting the Right HR Technology: From Need to Implementation

This was a great case study in how Talbot’s developed the criteria for selecting a tech solution for talent acquisition. Director of Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding Susan Collins, accompanied by her contractors at gr8 People, shared her journey of selecting a new recruiting platform, from identification of the need through the buying process, selection and implementation. So many of the tips she provided, especially those related to the discovery phase, were similar to those we recommended in our e-guide, 10 Steps to RFP Success.

My question: My former boss often said, “If you’re not AT the table, you’re ON the table.” What are you doing to ensure that IT isn’t the only department defining your HR tech needs?

How HR Leaders Are Using AI to Transform the Employee Experience.

When it comes to artificial intelligence applications in HR, the 300-pound gorilla is talent acquisition. Using AI streamlines your processes and conveys empathy on a massive scale. Angie College, senior VP of operations at Adecco noticed that their applicants were engaging with them very late at night, much later than their service centers were open to answer questions. By introducing AI in a pilot project to answer questions and move applicants forward in the process (i.e., servicing applicants on THEIR terms), they reduced abandonment rates from around 40% to 2%. I asked Angie after her presentation whether she saw applications for AI beyond the recruiting phase. “Absolutely!” she said. “From onboarding, to benefits elections, to professional development, AI has applications in almost every area of HR.”

My question: How can AI help you meet your employees’ needs on their terms?

Let’s talk!

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