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Deciding on the Right Job After College – A Firsthand Experience

Deciding on the Right Job After College – A Firsthand Experience
Posted on Tuesday, August 13, 2019 by Evan Seitz

It’s no secret, benefits are complex. And the technology that administers benefits?


Even more complex. However, currently in the U.S., there are no four-year degrees for HR, benefits or benefits administration—so where are all these talented individuals in our space developing the skills they need to succeed in the complex, ever-changing world of benefits administration? Training.

Giving a full picture. 

At Businessolver, we take training very seriously. Our new hire orientation program is over two weeks long for some positions, and we pride ourselves on helping our employees walk before they run. Like many businesses, there are a lot of moving parts to keeping the ship afloat, which is why one of our training programs focuses on teaching new graduates about every facet of benefits administration. Our Professional Development Program (PDP) is uniquely positioned to give new graduates a “full picture” of our business. They get to tour and work in different areas of our business (System Design & Build, Marketing, Member Services, Sales), rotating every six to eight months. Each of these rotations contribute to a solid foundation of well-rounded skills, making PDP graduates valuable team players to the organization.

We wanted to sit down with a few of our PDP’ers and chat about what’s going through their minds as they make their way through the program. We will talk with one in the beginning of the process, the middle and the end. First, Evan Seitz, who is at the beginning of his journey. He describes his experience below.

Deciding what to do after college is hard. There’s a lot of pressure to choose “the right job” despite the fact that many recent graduates don’t have enough experience to know what the right job is. When I was searching for my first job, Businessolver stood out in the benefits space not only because of the many kind people that I interacted with, but also because they offered the Professional Development Program. This program appealed to me because it gave me more time to truly figure out what I wanted to do while giving me exposure to the inner workings of the benefits administration space. The best feature about the PDP program, however, is that I’m not alone—there are other recent college graduates who work alongside me in their rotations, which makes it easy to turn co-workers into friends.

Since joining the program, I have learned so much about the benefits industry and Businessolver as a whole company. The program has three six-month rotations, which gives me the opportunity to learn more about the different areas of the business and gives me a better appreciation for the work that others do. In addition, the rotations are tailored to what I’m interested in, empowering me to discover things I’m most passionate about. I could discover a new skill or interest I never knew I had.  

I’m excited to continue to learn with this company that’s involved in an industry that’s constantly changing. While I haven’t figured out what my calling is yet, being presented with new, challenging tasks regularly while being surrounded by people who make work fun are just a few reasons why Businessolver’s Professional Development Program was the right choice for me.

Stay tuned for our next interview for more updates on our PDP front.

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