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Denver Rescue Mission – Hope Starts Here

Denver Rescue Mission – Hope Starts Here
Posted on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 by Sharon Barone
Denver Rescue.jpg“Hope starts with a warm bed, a healthy meal, a second chance, a helping hand, a new opportunity, a chance to learn, a new life – YOU!”

These words epitomize who the Denver Rescue Mission is and the great things they are doing in our community and beyond. Since the late 1800’s the Mission has been opening their arms to those in need and helping them with a hot meal, a safe haven and assistance to improve their lives. Today, the Mission has multiple locations scattered throughout the Denver area, plus two additional locations in Northern Colorado, and they offer consultations and resources to myriad countries across the globe.

DenRescueMsn.gifAlthough they are best known for their assistance to the homeless, offering food, shelter and clothing, the Denver Rescue Mission also provides broader services. Through their New Life program, they offer men and women a path back from destructive habits such as drug and alcohol abuse, unhealthy relationships, and even poor financial decisions. Through counseling, education, life skills development and work therapy, the Mission guides participants along a healthy path with the ultimate goal of full-time employment and sustainable housing.

Transitional and permanent housing solutions offer another avenue for individuals and families striving to achieve self-sufficiency through improved work and housing conditions. Whether it’s a senior seeking a more secure, stable housing situation, a refugee requiring guidance and support, or an individual or family desiring a safe place to live and thrive, the Denver Rescue Mission is there to help.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with the Mission in the past, and the participants I met were beyond inspirational. Their stories can be heart-wrenching, but the conviction they have to change their lives will stay with you forever. I am honored to share with you the Denver Rescue Mission as our charity partner this quarter and why I hope you will join us in the fun activities we are planning to further the good work this phenomenal organization provides to those who need it the most. Hope starts here – Hope starts with YOU!