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Driving Delight through Streamlined Member Care

Driving Delight through Streamlined Member Care
Posted on Thursday, February 2, 2023 by Sherri Bockhorst

Single-source technology is invigorating the member experience and offering benefits administrators data transparency like never before. 

Understanding and anticipating the needs of your employees is crucial in honing your benefits strategy, earning retention, decreasing benefits spend, and improving ROI. 

You already offer a variety of electable and non-electable benefits, voluntary and supplemental insurance, EAPs, and other programs that support employees. But how do you manage and improve your offerings without pulling your hair out? While prioritizing people and their health needs? 

Single-source benefits administration platforms, like Benefitsolver® bring all your different services under one roof. Beyond having one username and password to remember, benefits teams that leverage the latest technologies are ahead of the game when it comes to gaining real insights into their systems and taking care of their workforce. 

Here are four ways our single-source platform creates a delightful benefits experience: 

Streamlined access to employee benefits 

With benefits confusion a near-constant battle, centralizing information can make a big difference. Many employees, especially the young and healthy, only use their benefits a handful of times a year–if that.  

So, it’s safe to say your people are likely forgetting exactly how much you bring to the table from traditional medical and retirement packages to tuition assistance, investment opportunities, mental health resources, and so much more. 

A single-source platform integrates all solutions into one, making it easy for members to find exactly what they need.  

Improved member experience with personalized assistance 

When everything employee benefits is connected, the magic really starts to happen. Having access to member data enables a variety of personalization features that create a holistic experience. Unique reminders, automated actions, and time-sensitive communications are all thanks to the power of single-source technology.  

Healthy and engaged employees, those that actively visit their providers and take ownership of their health journey, decrease overall benefit spend for their employers while improving their own happiness and productivity. 

Since single-source technology makes it just as easy to use benefits as it is to choose them, which is a game-changer for ROI.  

Transparent, real-time data all in one platform 

Reliable data. Data that paints an accurate picture is priceless, taking the guess work out of your benefits strategy. With traditional systems, it can be a bit cumbersome to track down figures and compare separate data collections in a meaningful way. 

When centralized under a single platform, information is not only up to date, HR decision-makers can easily understand the needs of their population and improve benefits offerings.  

What programs are making the most difference? Which topics are people getting stuck with the most? The analytic capabilities are endless, helping you identify trends and make informed decisions for your people.  

Seamless connection to member advocates 

The same enhancements that give admins instant access to benefits information allows our member services team to pick up exactly where the conversation left off no matter where that exchange happened.  

Whether members get answers from SofiaTM, our AI benefits assistant, or made inquiries a more traditional way, our technology eliminates the back-and-forth, allowing advocates to assist members as efficiently as possible without sacrificing attention to detail.  

When members’ health and livelihood are behind each call and question, it’s the least we can do to ensure they get the answers they need right away. Our single-source platform puts real people first, helping connect the dots and promote health and wellbeing. 

The latest technology is transforming the employee journey. That’s how we deliver benefits with all the bells and whistles.