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Finding the Perfect Match

Finding the Perfect Match
Posted on Wednesday, September 7, 2016 by [email protected]

Businessolver continues to focus on supporting AHeinz 57 Pet Rescue in Des Moines and Freedom Service Dogs in Denver for our Q3 charities. Throughout the quarter we have been able to talk with many employees about their pet adoption experiences and the positive impact it’s left on them. These organizations are making a huge difference in our furry friends’ lives.

Danielle Connolly, a Businessolver client relationship specialist shares her story about finding her perfect match, Walter!


“Every year since I was five years-old I asked for a dog for my birthday or Christmas. I always wanted a rescue puppy. When I moved back to Des Moines I knew it was finally my time to get a furry forever canine friend. I heard great things about AHeinz57, so I began my search on their webpage.

A week after our home visit we found Walter. Most of their dogs are in foster homes with volunteers. This is one of the things I loved about the organization – that they are getting love, training, and socialization from the beginning of their time with AHeinz57. I reached out to the adoption coordinator to set up time to visit him, but at first the adoption coordinator said his breed may be too high energy for our home (no backyard). After we visited him and spoke with the volunteer who fostered him she was able to share more with the adoption coordinator about our personalities, and his, and thought he would do fine. Walter was calmer and seemed to be lower energy. It was really great that it wasn’t a cookie cutter breed-to-home situation and that they looked at all aspects. They really know the dogs more than the generalities about their breed to ensure the home is the right forever home fit.

Walter’s mom came to AHeinz57 as a pregnant rescue from the streets. They kept her while she had her puppies and weaned them. The whole family got adopted after they were ready. They receive a lot of pregnant moms this way, which is great because I hear so many people say, ‘you can’t get puppies from rescues. They are all adult dogs.’ Not the case!

We have now had Walter for a year and could not imagine life without him. I recommend AHeinz57 to everyone I know who is looking for a rescue animal, it was such a positive experience and they truly care about ensuring all animals are cared for and receive good homes.“