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Frequently Asked Questions During Annual Enrollment 

Frequently Asked Questions During Annual Enrollment 
Posted on Thursday, August 31, 2023 by Sarah Warren

What common questions do employees ask HR during open enrollment? We’ve got your FAQs outlined and answered. 

Tired of fielding the same questions year after year? Not sure what your employees need to know for this year’s annual enrollment? We have a pretty good idea.  

We’ve compiled this FAQ list based on our vast database of questions that employees have asked our AI personal benefits assistant, Sofia, and common inquiries to our member services center. With this comprehensive list, you can craft a pre-AE communication strategy that will be valuable to your employees (and hopefully save yourself time from answering redundant questions).  

Enrollment FAQs 

  1. How do I enroll in benefits? 
  2. When is the annual enrollment deadline? 
  3. What’s the differences between the plan offerings? 
  4. How much will premiums cost me per pay period? 
  5. Were my elections received? 

While the specifics to these questions will vary across each organization, HR teams can get ahead by making sure this info is front-and-center during the enrollment process. This could look like: 

  • Ensuring your benefits enrollment technology includes messaging that informs employees about the status of their enrollment and elections. 
  • Utilizing decision support technology that can help compare plans and guide election choices. 
  • Making benefits information easily accessible and searchable, even if it’s using an internal microsite or SharePoint folder.  
  • Using a cost-calculator so employees can see what their deductions will look like 

Dependent FAQs 

  1. How do I add, edit, or remove a dependent? 
  2. Who is an eligible dependent? 
  3. What documentation is needed for my dependent? 
  4. How do I submit documentation? 
  5. How do I check if my dependent is enrolled? 

Many employees have to play benefits project manager for their families if they have one or more dependents joining their plan. But dependent enrollment means a few extra steps in the enrollment process and sometimes those requirements aren’t very clear.  

We recommend outlining these steps in as many places as possible—from your benefits guide to a reminder email—to ensure your employees come to enrollment with the right documentation at the ready.  

Consumer Spending Account FAQs 

  1. How do I check my HSA, FSA, LSA, etc. balance? 
  2. How much does my employer contribute? 
  3. How do I submit a claim? / How do I get reimbursed? 
  4. Can I see if my claim was approved? 
  5. When will I be reimbursed? 

As the saying from that old commercial goes, “it’s their money and they want it now!”  

Consumer spending accounts are a great way to help your employees build more financial stability into their total wellbeing (and take advantage of some tax savings while they’re at it!). But, as with most things in benefits, the details can get a bit murky when employees are trying to sift through all things benefits information at enrollment.  

As you help your employees prep for annual enrollment, it’s important to ensure they know where to go to find the answers to their questions and even spend a bit of time exploring their benefit options on their own. Consider making your benefits guides, FAQ answers, and more available in an easy to find spot, like an internal wiki.  

Head into annual enrollment season with confidence. By sending out the answers to these questions in advance, your employees will be convinced you’re a mind reader! 

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