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Going For Benefits Gold: Pinnacle Partnership Expansion

Going For Benefits Gold: Pinnacle Partnership Expansion
Posted on Tuesday, August 3, 2021 by Businessolver Team

Watching the Olympics this week, I found myself thinking about the complexity that goes into every athlete’s ability to hone their craft.

We watch in awe as they swim faster, jump higher or throw farther and think, “I wish I could do that.” But in reality, there is so much going on behind the scenes, so much work, effort, thought, training, diet, and more that go into becoming an Olympian. It’s the way they manage their bodies and their lives EVERY day to reach that pinnacle goal of achieving a medal at the Olympics.

In some ways, we look to the partnerships and experiences on our platform in a similar way. To provide a best-in-class, “Olympic-esque” experience with our benefits technology, we must put in the training, the development, the integrations, and partner with the right organizations to make it happen.

Offering the highest-level supplemental benefits experience

When we created our Pinnacle Partnership program in 2019, it was with the same understanding. The Pinnacle Program  was initially formed to ensure the highest-level supplemental benefits experience for employers and employees alike, making it easier to enroll and improving data exchange and management. To be invited into the Pinnacle Partnership Program, the carriers and vendors commit to a dedicated service model, a streamlined integration process, and the ability for employees to enroll in products from within Benefitsolver.

And now in 2021, we are so excited that the program is growing. not only with more voluntary benefit providers but with a new group of partners dedicated to total health and well-being.

The Pinnacle Program will now include solution partners, who provide health and well-being products and services. Solution partners offer services such as transparency, telemedicine, healthcare navigation, advocacy, wellness, hypertension, and diabetes management. Businessolver provides amplification of these services within the system helping employees activate their participation.

Leveraging voluntary benefits and solution providers are strategic ways for employers to round out their benefit programs to ensure the total well-being of their employees are fully covered. With this expansion, I’m thrilled that we can offer access to more services and products directly within the Benefitsolver ecosystem and connect employees with those benefits and programs thanks to our multi-channel and intelligent communication tools, like Sofia.

So, who are those partners? Take a look and then head over to our Pinnacle Partner page to learn more.

  • Castlight – Designed to help our customers deliver the most engaging benefits strategy for a healthier, happier, more productive workforce. Castlight’s Navigation solution combines a mobile and web-based application with a team of clinician-led experts to help members engage with high-quality providers and employer-sponsored programs. The digital platform provides members access to their health and well-being benefits, as well as navigation tools in one secure location. For those who need high-touch service, members can work 1-1 with Care Guides throughout their health journeys. Every personalized experience is curated from a breadth of data including claims, health goals, biometrics, digital platform activity, and Care Guides interactions.
  • CirrusMD – CirrusMD delivers a different kind of telemedicine experience for employees in the modern workforce. On the CirrusMD platform, physicians begin every care encounter over text-messaging, the go-to mode of communication for most Americans. Services are provided exclusively through employers, resellers and health plans, where CirrusMD can be bundled directly into benefit plans. And because connecting with a doctor through CirrusMD is immediate, easy, personal and familiar, it’s used at far higher rates than other telemedicine services; as high as 18%
  • Hello Heart – Hello Heart is the recognized market leader in empowering people to understand and improve their heart health using technology. Leveraging AI and data-driven insights, the app-based solution is not only fun-to-use and habit-forming, but can predict serious heart health issues before they occur. Dozens of the largest Fortune 500 employers are realizing best-in-class results for enrollment and ongoing engagement, clinical outcomes and cost savings. Hello Heart is a member of the American Heart Association’s Innovator Network and is part of the CVS Point Solutions Management Program.
  • Rightway – Rightway is the leader in driving healthcare value for everyone, everywhere. Its care navigation and new-to-the-world PBM platforms guide members to the highest quality care and medication, leading to better care and happier people at a lower cost. Using the mobile app, employees connect with live, clinical health guides that assist them with all their healthcare needs – from finding a great doctor to creating a care plan, from support on billing issue to benefits education. Companies choose Rightway for its smart clinical navigation, best-in-class technology, and lightest implementation lift, all resulting in higher ROI for clients and happier, healthier employees.
  • Aura – Aura is a proud member of the Pinnacle Program. As a technology company dedicated to delivering comprehensive digital security to consumers, we are excited to provide employees on the Businessolver platform with identity theft and fraud protection for their finances, personal information, and devices. Aura believes that people should be able to live with the peace of mind that their online personal and financial information is secure. Trusted by millions, Aura’s simple, all-in-one solution is making the internet safer for everyone. Visit to learn more.
  • Recoop – Recoop Disaster Insurance is the first-and-only multi-peril disaster coverage that pays a lump-sum cash benefit after a natural disaster including: hurricanes (with storm surge), wildfires, tornadoes, earthquakes, gas explosions, winter storms and dust storms. Recoop covers the gaps left by traditional homeowners insurance like depreciation and high deductibles, and serves as a financial safety net, helping protect your biggest asset. With affordable premiums, lightning-fast claims, and no deductibles or gotchas, Recoop helps you bounce back faster after a disaster.

By providing dedicated service and seamless integrations for Businessolver clients, these providers join an exclusive group of existing Pinnacle Partners: Aflac, Allstate Benefits, Allstate Identity Protection, Cigna, Lincoln Financial Group, MetLife, Pets Best, Prudential, Securian, The Hartford, Transamerica, and Voya.

To learn more, read our official press release here