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Habitat Work Brings Teams and Communities Together

Habitat Work Brings Teams and Communities Together
Posted on Wednesday, June 22, 2016 by [email protected]

Both Denver and Des Moines Solvers took time out of their busy schedules to give back to the community this past weekend. The two crews worked at Habitat for Humanity sites helping families build hope and the realization of home ownership. Both work sites were hot, sunny and filled with enthusiasm as everyone had a great time learning new skills and getting to know the home owners.


The Habitat for Humanity of Denver construction site was in a new townhome development and Solvers worked together on a variety of tasks on the exterior to bring the home to completion.


Aaron Gries, Businessolver AVP of Product Excellence, spent most of the day doing roof work in the hot sun and enjoyed it: “Habitat for Humanity is the perfect way to help people out of an unsafe situation with a hand-up, not a hand-out. Candidates in the program work hard for their home and learn how to be a responsible homeowner prior to taking that huge leap forward. I had the opportunity to work alongside the family that would live in the townhome complex we were building, and it was wonderful to see the dedication to quality in their work and the thankfulness they felt toward all of the volunteers that helped make their dream a reality. I took great pride in knowing that our Businessolver Team helped them build a house that will soon become their home!”


The Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity work site was a single family home where Solvers worked on building the front porch steps, railings, porch stability beams and interior wall and ceiling painting. Everyone agreed the day was a success.


Jen Daniel, Vice President of Carrier Development worked alongside her son, John: “This was the first time that I had volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and I asked my 17 year-old son to join me as it seems there are fewer and fewer opportunities for us to do things together. We had a blast; it was so fun working side-by-side, learning new skills and helping someone. He felt so proud of himself and our Porch Pole team and what we learned and accomplished in 8 hours. He spent an hour at dinner that night telling the family all about it. The day was best summed up by what he said to me when we got into the hot car, all sweaty and tired from working all day, ‘That was fun and it sure feels great to help someone.’”