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Helping Employees Become Savvy Health Care Consumers

Helping Employees Become Savvy Health Care Consumers
Posted on Tuesday, December 13, 2022 by Marcy Klipfel

Changing your mindset on benefits literacy can help make your employees more confident users of the healthcare ecosystem.

Health care is confusing. And confusion is costly. A general lack of knowledge, inaccessible jargon, and convoluted billing processes rack up quite the bill. This combination is stopping people from scheduling their provider visits.

Not to mention, most members aren’t familiarizing themselves with their benefits package until they need it. So, when emergencies arise, people are forced to make rash and expensive decisions. After all, their health and the livelihood of their dependents are on the line.

By taking a modern approach to benefits literacy, employers have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the long-term health of their populations, in addition to slashing unnecessary expenses.

HR has said “goodbye” to the benefits brochure.

Here’s the honest truth: The most well-designed benefits glossary in the world would still be ineffective.

Why? Well, employees simply don’t want this type of material, no matter how informational it may be.

Digital media is the future. Whether it be a video series or virtual fair, HR needs to get creative with their benefits communications. Still, when life throws you a curve ball, nobody is eager to dig through their email or browser bookmarks to track down critical details.

Want to take benefits literacy to a whole new level? Implement tools that seamlessly help people make decisions in the moment. Technology can come alongside members, guiding them through these decisions and easing the overwhelm.

Personalization is prevention.

What if employers could create more of these decision moments? Instead of waiting for health concerns to become urgent and costly, personalization prompts employees to seek care sooner.

Leveraging what you already know about your employees, employers can simplify healthcare by showing members exactly what is relevant to them. Cutting through the clutter, personalization breaks down barriers to accessing healthcare.

With more opportunities to meaningfully engage with their benefits offerings, workers are empowered to take control of their health and prevent a variety of chronic conditions.

Check out the article in the Forbes HR Council to see how you can use the recent transparency legislation to build empathy within benefits selection.