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It’s World Health Day – Celebrate by Joining us in our Flag Challenge

It’s World Health Day – Celebrate by Joining us in our Flag Challenge
Posted on Friday, April 6, 2018 by Tracey Orman
running-01What better way for us to celebrate World Health Day than to honor the flag and start a healthy journey at the same time!  


Here at Businessolver we start a 4th of July Flag Challenge every year approximately 90 days prior to Independence Day.  We love this challenge because it brings awareness to our nutritional choices as well as forcing us to get outside after a long winter (at least those of us in colder locations). Last year, we had 127 Solvers complete the challenge! 

We are very health focused at our company and try to be creative and innovative with ways to deliver the message of health to our employees, motivating and inspiring them to take their health seriously.  Effecting change in nutritional and physical health is key to keeping healthcare costs down and, importantly, it helps us be the healthiest versions of ourselves we can be. 

So, will you join us for the next 90 days/13 weeks focusing on some aspects of your diet that need a little help and getting active outside?  First, find a printable copy of the stars and stripes and get that posted up at your desk or on your fridge at home where you can see it daily.  Have your family and friends join in and make sure your kids pick a nutritional goal for their flag too.  Here are the deets:

There are 13 stripes on an American flag.  There are 13 weeks in our challenge.  Once a week for the 13 weeks you must spend 60 consecutive minutes in an outdoor physical activity.  Examples: a brisk dog walking adventure, playing in an outdoor sports game (organized or for fun), a vigorous bike ride, yard work (which is much needed I’m sure) etc.  It must be 60 consecutive minutes.  Record your activity each week on one of the stripes of your flag. 

There are 50 stars on an American flag.  For fifty (that’s an average of 4 days per week) out of the 90 days of the challenge you must either:

  1. Give up an unhealthy consumable or habit.  Examples: soda pop, candy bars, chips, Ranch dressing, alcohol, etc.  This can also include smoking or something equivalent.  It needs to be something that will be CHALLENGING for you to give up.


  1. Add in a healthy consumable or habit.  Examples:  adequate daily water consumption (rule of thumb—body weight divided by 2 in ounces), daily recommended servings of fruits (3 servings) and vegetables (4 servings).  This can also include something like daily recommended sleep.  Again, it needs to be something that will be CHALLENGING for you to add in. 

You need to pick one of the two options and stick with it for the challenge.  So, you are either giving something up for 50 of the days or adding something in for 50 of the days.

Each day you succeed, check off one of your stars.  Each week you successfully complete your hour outside, write your activity on your stripe.  And be sure to let us know on social media how you’re challenge is going! See you again in July. Good luck!