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June is (Un)Officially the Month of the Volunteer

June is (Un)Officially the Month of the Volunteer
Posted on Wednesday, June 1, 2016 by [email protected]

We know you’re out there. We know you put in the hours, sometimes the blood, sweat and tears, and enjoy every minute of it. We also know you’re humble. You aren’t in it for the money. You’re an unpaid, unsung hero in your community! You’re a volunteer.

It’s time to speak up and share why you choose to volunteer yourself for a service or undertaking. (That’s the official definition of volunteer, by the way) We want to celebrate the great things volunteers do in this world. That’s why we’re officially naming June the Month of the Volunteer! Every day this month we’ll feature a different Businessolver employee who volunteers and why they choose to give back to their community. We hope you get in the spirit and take some time and find a way to volunteer in your community. We also hope you’ll share with us why you volunteer. Who knows, your story just might inspire someone else to give back!


E-mail your photos and stories to [email protected] and share on social media by using the hashtag #TechWithHeart. We may feature you on Foundation Findings.