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MyChoice App: Wherever Life Takes You, Bring Your Benefits Along

MyChoice App: Wherever Life Takes You, Bring Your Benefits Along
Posted on Thursday, March 9, 2017 by Rae Shanahan

Anyone else remember playing the board game Life? 


Spinning the wheel and moving around the board, not knowing if you’d land on a new job or a new baby or a new car. If you’d work and build up a fortune, or take a wrong turn and be penniless.

Obviously, real life isn’t a board game. So, we all need trusted back up for when times get rough – and to make the good times even better. For many of us, even if we don’t always realize it, that trusted back up is our benefits – and they should go wherever we go. That’s why we’re so excited to offer our users just that! I’m thrilled today to launch our MyChoice app, which takes just a few minutes to set up and lets you bring your benefits along wherever life’s destiny takes you.

Whether you’re across the world on vacation or across the street at your local pharmacy, the MyChoice app ensures you’ll never again have to say, “I don’t have that information with me.” MyChoiceMobileAppLogo_4Color


With the MyChoice, app users have access to:

  • Current benefits – all medical, dental, vision, voluntary, and supplemental plans, plus medical savings account balances. All in one place, no more hunting around for paperwork!
  • Future elections – easy, at-a-glance views enrollment summaries for future plan years.
  • Beneficiaries – primary and contingent beneficiaries for applicable insurance policies.
  • Virtual ID card – all medical ID information secure and at the tip of their fingers!
  • Messages – to stay on top of important deadlines, and send and receive important benefits documentation, such as dependent verification. No more faxing!
  • Contact info – to reach a helpful representative for general questions about their benefits, benefits enrollment, life events or required documentation.

Plus, they can easily add a dependent, a new baby or spouse, so there’s less time spent tracking down policy numbers and more time living life and fully celebrating the happy moments. As they go, they’ll receive helpful benefits reminders for when info or documents are due so their coverage stays intact and uninterrupted.

More than 100 million Americans get their benefits coverage through their employer, in line with the 100 million American adults that use a smartphone every day. Letting people take their benefits wherever their lives are demonstrates the power of technology to help make our lives simpler and more convenient, and marks a major part of our overall business strategy to transform the benefits experience for employees.

We’re happy to celebrate this business milestone and look forward to expanding the app’s capabilities to serve employees even better in the future.