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Pay it Forward on Pi Day

Pay it Forward on Pi Day
Posted on Monday, March 14, 2016 by [email protected]
PiDayDeliveryRMDH-DsM.jpgHow does a technology company with a huge heart celebrate National Pi Day? By giving out pizza pie to our hungry friends! We had so much fun performing Random Acts of Kindness last month that we’re continuing with the theme and celebrating by buying pizza pie on Pi Day. If you’re unsure what Pi Day is, refer to a number you learned in school: 3.14.

While many people might celebrate mathematics on Monday, March 14, we thought it appropriate to pay it forward by purchasing delicious Hy-Vee pizza pie on Monday for Ronald McDonald House of Denver and Des Moines. We know the families that stay at the houses and shuttle back and forth to the hospitals can always use a warm meal. We also stopped by a local Casey’s General Store and purchased some pizza pie lunches for those who stopped. Who doesn’t love pizza!?

We hope you had a great National Pi Day and that you find creative ways to pay it forward. You don’t need a special day to do something nice for someone else. Random Acts of Kindness never go out of style.