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Q3 Charity Focus on Dog Rescue

Q3 Charity Focus on Dog Rescue
Posted on Wednesday, July 6, 2016 by [email protected]

It’s Q3 and that means Businessolver and its employees are supporting a new charity of choice. Employees will be engaging all quarter with two local organizations making a difference in Des Moines and Denver through fun activities, personal stories, and meaningful fundraisers.

Freedom Service Dogs in Denver and AHeinz 57 Pet Rescue in Des Moines are two organizations helping furry friends live better lives.

Cassidy Franklin, Businessolver Coordinator, starts this quarter off by sharing her Freedom Service Dog story about her beloved Lola.


“Ever since I moved to Denver last year I was sure of a few things: I wanted to get involved and submerge myself into my new community and I wanted to rescue a dog. Everyone tells you to wait to get a dog. It isn’t as easy to go to happy hour right after work because you have to go home to let them out, they stop you from taking long weekend trips, and that they can become a burden. I found Freedom Service Dogs through my search of supporting organizations locally and thought that it was a neat concept. Freedom Service Dogs is a non-profit organization that rescues dogs from all over the country and trains them to become service dogs for people with disabilities, veterans and active duty military, and some even become therapy dogs. Some dogs who aren’t qualified to become service dogs after their seven month-long training program are available for adoption to Colorado residents as family pets. I was so excited about this cool organization that I couldn’t help but check out the available pups that were waiting to find their forever home and that’s how I found Lola.

That very same day we filled out an application, went to meet her, and were able to take her home that night (talk about spontaneous!). My one piece of advice if you’re thinking about rescuing a dog, avoid going to look at them unless you are absolutely sure you’ll take one home because once you step inside the Freedom Service Dogs doors, there is no chance you are leaving without one!

Months after adopting Lola I am still impressed with Freedom Service Dogs and am so excited to support them through fundraising efforts at Businessolver. Not only do they constantly ask for new photos and stories about Lola because they miss her, they also provide trainer support to help owners maintain training and adapt to life as a pet rather than a worker. Also, who can complain about getting a dog that already has the whole potty-training thing down?

If you’re thinking about getting a pup I couldn’t even give Freedom Service Dogs the recommendation that they deserve. They are amazing!”