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Let Random Acts of Kindness Day Create a Pay-It-Forward Culture in Your Organization 

Let Random Acts of Kindness Day Create a Pay-It-Forward Culture in Your Organization 
Posted on Thursday, February 16, 2023 by Darius Clay

In the virtual workplace, we must be intentional in spreading kindness and cultivating organizational values.  

Friday the 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day, a reminder to do any small thing for a friend or stranger to show empathy. In schools and workplaces across the nation, it’s an encouragement to think differently. It takes less than a minute to be kind. 

More than a quarter of U.S. employees work remotely, with many wanting to return to 2020 levels: more than 40%. Clearly clocking in from home isn’t a trend, however some people may be missing that sense of connection that was certainly more convenient to find in the office.  

What does kindness look like now?  

Lots of organizations are getting creative with virtual kudos or coffee cards. All approaches are encouraged, but we think volunteerism may be a kindness underdog.  

Employee philanthropy speaks for itself as 77% of volunteer participants said it improved their mental health and wellbeing and 68% said it helped them feel less isolated. At Businessolver, we’ve had the pleasure of connecting with a number of local organizations to use Solvers’ fundraising efforts in communities where we live and serve.  

Most recently, a group of Solver’s volunteered with the Habitat for Humanity saying, “To be able to support families get into affordable housing and build community is so rewarding. I feel like I’m directly impacting my community with my time and talents.” In 2023, we’re taking it one step further, offering a Solver service trip, an immersion experience in late May.

Random Acts of Kindness Day is a fun opportunity to host an org-wide giving challenge or kindness award ceremony to spark community within your organization. Having a culture of kindness is crucial in achieving your business growth goals and innovation benchmarks. 

Other strategies for connection: 

  • Be present during video calls and chats 
  • Celebrate small and large successes alike 
  • Speak with honesty and empathy 
  • Regularly show appreciation  

Why is kindness so critical to operations? 

Burnout is haunting employees today. Whether due to increased family responsibilities, tighter budgets, or endless screentime, people are more stressed out than ever.  

For U.S. professionals, 41% are more burned out than a year ago. 

While many employees certainly want more PTO and robust benefits, quality culture helps ease stress, encourage peer relationships, and ultimately further overall goals. 

Infusing kindness into your organizational culture is the first step in creating a resilient workforce.