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How the Businessolver Foundation Supports Mental Health and Autism Awareness

How the Businessolver Foundation Supports Mental Health and Autism Awareness
Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2023 by Carrie Clogg

The Businessolver Foundation is proud to include mental health as one of its three giving pillars and major focus of our robust community engagement program. 

We know that when a person’s mental health is properly managed, they are better employees, friends, and overall members of the community. 

We partner with many mental health organizations throughout the country to ensure that mental health is talked about, advocated for, and provided to all.  In addition to supporting mental health in our communities, the Businessolver Foundation focuses a lot of attention on the mental health of our employees. 

April is Autism Awareness Month, and even though it is technically not considered a mental health illness, we believe in supporting those who have been diagnosed with autism or are a caretaker to someone with the condition.

An extra awareness of mental health, embracing peoples’ unique needs, can help foster inclusion for those on the spectrum and their loved ones.

For Carrie, autism is personal. 

I had been a mental health advocate for years and knew a lot about different conditions that people struggle with.  However, I had never really thought too much about autism. 

Not until the birth of my amazing twin nephews in 2018.  Both of my nephews were a little behind the curve in development, nothing major, just something to observe. 

However, as they got older, one of my nephews was clearly behind the other and was exhibiting symptoms that checked all the autism boxes. 

What I want to tell you about my nephew is, yes, he is autistic.  But, I also want to tell you that he has perhaps the most unique and loving soul of any human being I know.  Even at five years old. 

Life adjusts for him, but that is ok.  Things that happen for his brother can’t happen for him, but that is ok.  He is living his best life, has amazing resources and is loved by many.

Autism requires special assistance for youth and adults and there are different levels of functioning for all.  At Businessolver, we support anyone with a neurodiversity disease and have many employees with various diagnoses. 

We adapt.  We are supportive.  We care.  We also know that a person with these conditions can be a valuable member of our team and we make accommodations to ensure they can thrive in their position. 

I can’t wait to see that happen for my nephew when he grows up.  Who knows, maybe he will be a future Solver!

The Businessolver Foundation commits to three philanthropic pillars: mental health, STEM, and DEI. In 2023, we were proud to distribute roughly $400,000 to more than 100 non-profit organizations.