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Serving All of Your People

Serving All of Your People
Posted on Tuesday, July 14, 2015 by Businessolver Team

You’ve got benefits enrollment for your full-time employees down to a science. New hire enrollment? On lock. Open enrollment? Piece of cake. But what about your pre-65 retirees? Or your part time population? Or even your COBRA eligible members. What plan do you have in place to take care of them when they’re outside of the realm of employee sponsored benefits?

The employee lifecycle doesn’t stop after their last day at your company. We get that HR wants to take care of their people. And not just benefits-eligible, but ALL of their people. And why shouldn’t they? Employee engagement happens on every level—from hire to retire! First impressions—and leaving impressions—count, and you want to make the most of it.

We get it. We’ve got benefits-eligible enrollment down to a science too—it’s the easy part to think about. But we realized that we had the opportunity to help you take care of your underserved populations, so we jumped on it.

Businessolver recently entered into a partnership with eHealth℠, the leading individual insurance marketplace, to fill the gap for your non benefits-eligible employee populations. Maybe that is a small part of your population, or maybe its majority—either way, we believe that they shouldn’t be forgotten and should be given access to coverage when it’s needed most.

Our partnership with eHealth will allow you to take care of ALL of your people, and that’s a pretty great feeling. Learn more about our partnership with eHealth and how it can help make a positive impact on the entire benefits lifecycle for your employees.