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SolverGiving – What Would You Do?

SolverGiving – What Would You Do?
Posted on Wednesday, November 27, 2019 by Businessolver Team

We are very thankful this year for all our Solvers around the country. 


When we say Solver Soul we mean a commitment to one of our core values of giving back. It fills our hearts with joy when we hear a unique story of our Solvers taking this value to heart and making an effort to volunteer or help someone in need. Recently, one of our Solvers shared this story with us and we wanted to share it with the world! 

This is a story from Katelyn our Shared Services Team Lead and Trish, one of our Client Champions: 

“Last Saturday, I received a voicemail and text message from someone requesting a free turkey. I assumed they had the wrong number and ignored it. But by the third text message I realized it wasn’t a wrong number. It dawned on me that my number had to be posted somewhere I wasn’t aware of. I responded to one of the requests inquiring how they got my number. It seems that someone posted a Craigslist Ad with my phone number stating that I had ’30 Free Thanksgiving Turkeys.’ I did not have 30 turkeys. Immediately, I requested that Craigslist remove the ad, and honestly, I ignored all the other messages.

By the time I woke up on Sunday I had roughly 21 texts messages from people requesting to reserve a turkey or asking where they could come pick a turkey up. Most messages explained that they were going through some sort of hardship and were extremely appreciative of the gesture. I went to church that morning and contemplated my options. Essentially I had three; continue to ignored the texts (assuming they would stop after Thanksgiving), respond and let them know that the ad was some sort of prank or misprint and that I didn’t have turkeys, or I could find a way to get 30 free turkeys (I literally said to myself, “what if I did have 30 free turkeys?”).

Naturally, I was directed towards the latter. I texted my family and Trish to see if they would be willing to donate turkeys, or help me with funds to purchase turkeys, and immediately they all responded that they would help! Trish even volunteered to hand them out. We secured 9 turkeys, but of course, we needed more. I then turned to the power of social media. By end of day Thursday we had raised $600 and had one physical turkey donation. This was WAY more funds than we needed so we got all the turkeys we could and donated the rest to Valley Church who will be hosting a dinner for the low-income housing community across the street from the church (Chapel Ridge West).

Friday came and Trish and I picked up the 13 turkeys (plus the 1 we already had) and decided to throw in a box of stuffing from Hy-Vee (who, generously, gave us a discount) and waited for folks to show up. In the end, we only had about 7 people pick up their turkeys and we donated the rest of them to anyone in the building who wanted one. 

The support and generosity displayed by our friends and family was very humbling and I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunity that we had to help those in need.”

We are so thankful for our amazing employees! If you want to be a part of Solver Soul, check out our job openings here

Happy Thanksgiving!