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#SolverSoul Summer Series (4 of 5)

#SolverSoul Summer Series (4 of 5)
Posted on Friday, August 11, 2017 by Marcy Klipfel

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#SolverSoul Goes Summer Begins its Sunset
Denver Interns


It’s almost time to bid farewell to our summer interns, which means “#SolverSoul Goes Summer” is winding down as well. We hope you’re enjoying this summer blog series, which accompanies our #SolverSoul video series on Instagram. In part four of five, meet Caleb, Maggie, Cecilia, and Gregory.

Caleb Micho is studying software engineering at the Colorado School of Mines; Maggie Doar and Cecilia Faber are management and marketing majors, respectively, at the University of Iowa; Gregory Madden is majoring in computer engineering at the University of Denver.

What’s an average day like? 
Caleb: I get to program new features and resolve issues with current features within the Businessolver system.

Maggie: I process various actions within Benefitsolver, including direct bill cases and COBRA elections. This hands-on experience has given me a strong foundation in understanding the ins and outs of our system and the services Businessolver offers its clients.

Cecilia: I spend the majority of my time processing, as well as helping the Engagement team update status reports and information about our new hires.

Greg: I’m an IT/Help Desk intern. My role is assisting with equipment problems, distributing or recollecting equipment, and resolving Help Desk tickets that Solvers submit for issues with software, hardware, or general questions.

Biggest accomplishment this summer?
Cecilia: I’m most proud of passing my Demo Certification, which certifies that I’m able to not only navigate, but also successfully demonstrate and explain the technical capabilities of the Businessolver system. The certification has been super helpful when working on projects and assignments.

What have you learned from fellow Solvers?
Maggie: I have picked up the Businessolver team mentality. My fellow Solvers have shown me how workplace collaboration can benefit everyone to make processes more efficient. This has taught me when to be a discoverer and look into a problem more before seeking help, as well as when to ask questions if I have reached my limit of understanding and need further explanation.

Favorite thing about Solver culture?
Maggie: Definitely the “work hard, play hard” attitude. It was apparent from the first moment I entered the office that everyone here is not only driven, but gets their work done with a positive attitude. This means that there is also time for fun like push-up competitions and Wednesday night intramural volleyball!

Closing thoughts or shout outs?
Greg: I’ve learned a lot about IT this summer and kept myself busy with various tasks thanks to Patrick. He always seems to find something for me to assist in or will just teach me new things.

Maggie: Shout out to Derrick Lawson for giving me an incredibly warm welcome to Businessolver and making my summer amazing. Derrick is one of the many reasons my experience at Businessolver has been so great. His personality and enthusiasm are contagious and I couldn’t imagine anyone else as my mentor.

Cecilia: I’d also like to shout out Derrick. He has been unbelievably helpful and willing to explain and answer my questions (and I’ve had a lot)!

Caleb: I have learned so much in my seemingly short time working with Businessolver. I must thank my team for taking me under their wing and showing me the ropes.

Meet Caleb, Maggie, Cecilia, and Greg up close and personal over on Instagram! Follow us at @businessolver, then scroll to the top to click on our logo for this week’s #SolverSoul video story. Come back next week for the final installment of #SolverSoul Goes Summer!