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Support Holistic Financial Wellness with Student Debt Repayment Options

Support Holistic Financial Wellness with Student Debt Repayment Options
Posted on Thursday, September 2, 2021 by Voya

In March of 2021, Voya launched its “Hire thru Retire: A Health and Wealth Podcast,” a new series hosted by two of Voya’s senior leaders: Bill Harmon, Chief Client Officer, and Heather Lavallee, CEO, Wealth Solutions.

With each episode, Bill and Heather interview thought leaders and industry experts on various topics related to the latest in health, wealth and investment trends in the workplace. The focus of the episodes highlight topics and insights from experts that would be of interest to this audience, tackling all important workplace topics from 401(k)’s to HSA’s and everything in between.

This episode features Romy Parzick, CEO of Vault, an industry-leading student loan benefit technology provider. As student loan debt is a serious financial hurdle that many Americans today are grappling with in one way or another, it’s no surprise that for many student loan debt can get in the way of being able to save for retirement. With holistic financial wellness gaining traction among employers, Romy shares why student debt repayment support is an important benefit offering among some of the many gaining popularity today for employers.

For more, check out our Peak at Pinnacles interview below. 


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