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The Delighted Intern: Client Services

The Delighted Intern: Client Services
Posted on Friday, July 22, 2016 by Natalie McLinden
Delighted_Intern_Group.jpgThis week, the Delighted Intern spotlight is on our client services interns. 


Hear from Kylie Hamerlinck, Randa Scaglione and Zach Zlabis on the impact they’ve made on their team so far, their biggest surprise about the internship, their biggest lessons learned and more!What has been the biggest impact you have had on your team?


K: Getting the opportunity to complete tasks that are big and small, by taking on these tasks I’m able to support and contribute something to my team. My teammates have various tasks they need to accomplish daily so by me being able to help allows them to focus on a particular task and not be stressed with the heavy work load they have for that day.

R: I was able to make a big impact by relieving the more tedious, time consuming tasks from my coworkers. In their day-to-day work load, they may not have time to do various things due to bigger to-do items in front of them so by me taking these smaller things off their plates, it allows them to focus on their main priorities.

Z: The biggest impact I have had on my team is just being a resource everyone can reach out to when they need help finishing a task. I have been able to assist about every circle on my team and have helped finish some projects that may have had multiple pieces to it, and someone else may not have the time to get to all of it.

How have you been able to get to know your coworkers on a personal level?

K: By sharing cubicles with my coworkers I’ve gotten to connect with them on a personal level and learn more about them that isn’t necessarily related to Businessolver. For example; I’ve learned who the Hawkeye and Cyclone fans are, I’ve learned a girl on my team has her own photography company, and lastly I’ve learned how much my team likes cake. I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know each member on my team better throughout the summer.

R: In stand up each morning, our team not only shares positive things that happen at work, but also tell of personal triumphs with their families, hobbies, accomplishments, etc. This has allowed me to really get to know them on a deeper level than just work topics.

Z: Every day in standup and through conversation, I am able to learn a little about all my teammates. I hear stories about families, activities, and other experiences going on in my teammates’ lives other than just at work. I’ve found there are so many mutual friends and connections that I have with my teammates. It is interesting to hear how everyone got here, what they studied, their professional experience, etc.

What has been the biggest surprise since joining your team?

K: I was surprised by how welcoming everyone was from the very beginning, I was extremely nervous starting my first internship. From the very first day my team made me feel so comfortable and I felt like I truly belonged here. They make me feel like I’m not just “the intern”, but instead an actual asset to the company. I’m shocked by how much I have learned in a short period of time from my team, they want me to succeed and I really appreciate that.

R: I think the thing I was most impressed by was how closely the team works together to accomplish what they need to. Of course, everyone has their own tasks but the team really all pulls together to make sure things get done properly and that the client is constantly satisfied.

Z: The biggest surprise is how genuine and sincere everyone has been on my team. It is one thing to talk about a strong culture and that everyone truly cares about each other in the office, but it is amazing how accurate this was. Everyone on my team has been welcoming from day one. My teammates don’t just say hi to be polite, they take the time to actually talk to me and have an engaging conversation. Even some teammates I have maybe met in passing are able to address me, the intern, by my first name.

In what ways have you learned from your teammates over the summer?

K: I’ve learned to ask questions and seek help if I don’t understand something because that’s the only way I’m going to learn. My teammates are there to help me and want to see me achieve, therefore I need to take the initiative and speak up if I’m confused about a task because at the end of the day we’re all in this together.

R: Being able to work with a team is such a privilege. I have learned an immense amount about communication and taking initiative to help and support the team as a whole. It takes everyone’s focus to get things done right. I have loved getting to know my team and it was great how they were so welcoming and encouraging right from the start.

Z: I had the opportunity to help out every circle within my team. Instead of being assigned to one specific circle, I am more of the entire team’s intern. It has been interesting to see how everyone has their own little way of doing things, but ultimately reach the same objective. I have been able to take bits and pieces of everyone’s way of working and adopt some of their methods to whatever fits my skillset the best.

Overall we have truly enjoyed working as the Client Services interns and having the opportunity to contribute to our teams. It’s been a rewarding experience for all of us and we have gained a better understanding of the definition of teamwork and what it really means.