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The Delighted Intern: Making a Difference

The Delighted Intern: Making a Difference
Posted on Friday, July 29, 2016 by Natalie McLinden
This week the Delighted Intern spotlight is on jumbo market client services interns, Kyla Inderski and Aubri Westlake





Kyla and Aubri talk about their Intern U experience here at Businessolver, along with the unique experience to work directly with senior leadership for their Executive Proposal Project. Take a look!

During our first week as Businessolver employees, we attended a session specifically for the interns called Intern U with Marissa Bailey, the program leader.  She introduced us to the program, set goals and spent a lot of time getting to know the others that would be here throughout the summer with us. 

One project that really stuck out was the Executive Proposal Project. We were divided into cross-departmental groups with the goal of developing an innovative idea to better the company. We were informed that we would get the opportunity to present our ideas in front of the executive team before the end of the program.  We can speak for everyone when we say we were incredibly excited and motivated to make a good impression!

Both of our teams thought long and hard to come up with an outstanding idea that could really wow the executives and show them the impact it could have on the company. Our ideas started to come together with a large amount of teamwork and research. We met approximately 10-15 hours a week in order to prepare and deliver a presentation that could finish our internships with a bang!

Being one of the biggest group projects we’ve worked on professionally, we were anxious to hear what they thought of our ideas. We were extremely intimidated by the idea of presenting in front of senior leaders of the company, however, just like the atmosphere here at Businessolver, our presentations felt comfortable and conversational, showing they had an honest interest in what we had to say.

This opportunity is not one that you can find at many internships. How many students have even seen their Chief Executive Officer and President or Chief Strategy Officer, let alone the opportunity to have a conversation with them and try to influence them to make a major change to the business? Some of our ideas are even in the process of becoming implemented – how cool is that?

At Businessolver, even an intern has the opportunity to put their fingerprint on something that can make an impact on the entire company for years to come. We couldn’t be more grateful for this experience and an amazing summer here at Businessolver!