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The Delighted Intern: The Onboarding Experience

The Delighted Intern: The Onboarding Experience
Posted on Friday, July 8, 2016 by Businessolver Team


Our Delighted Intern series is back for the summer!




This week we interviewed Employee Engagement Intern, Natalie Hallman, to dive into Businessolver’s orientation experience, Orientationsolver. Take a look!

Q: What was the biggest surprise for you regarding your onboarding experience?

A: Walking into my first day of orientation at Businessolver as an Employee Engagement Intern, I wasn’t really sure what the week would consist of. I think I expected to learn solely role-specific information, but instead I was exposed to just about every aspect of the company in one way or another. With that being said, if I was (pleasantly) surprised about anything, it was most definitely the amount of content covered and knowledge consumed throughout the week. I was impressed by how much was prepared for just one short week. Learning about the company and its parts as a whole was super beneficial and helpful because now that my role-specific tasks and duties have been determined, I am able to see how all areas of Businessolver cohesively work together and why it’s important to be knowledgeable not only in my team and position, but other areas as well.  


Q: What did you like best about your orientation experience?

A: Variety is always refreshing and I appreciated the incorporation of it throughout my Orientationsolver experience. I really enjoyed getting to see new faces within the company throughout the week as different people led each information session. Each facilitator had their own piece of advice or insight for the group and it was nice to get a variety of perspectives. Further, there was a definite emphasis on teamwork and collaboration in the workplace and I thought that the Jeopardy game was a great way to incorporate a competitive and team-based way of learning. I also have to include the fact that my team ended up winning, so I might be biased J


Q: What was the group dynamic during orientation?

A: My Orientationsolver class consisted of about 25 individuals, most of which held different job titles and were all different ages. I especially enjoyed this because as an intern, I was able to gain exposure working alongside people with higher levels of experience. It was beneficial getting to learn from each other and getting to work with a variety of personalities. We were all able to relate to each other and experience many “firsts” together, which made for a comfortable transition into the workplace. I was amazed by the number of relationships I was able to establish in just one short week!


Q: What improvements have you made/seen regarding onboarding since you’ve joined the EE team?

A: On occasion, the Engagement Team receives calls or emails from upcoming New Hires regarding questions or concerns about their first week at Businessolver – yes, even I was one of them. These emails and/or phone calls all stem from anticipation of Orientation. A simple fix the Engagement Team has implemented is sending pre-hire communication earlier, hoping to ease all anxiousness and unanswered questions, which also results in an overall better onboarding experience. Aside from very minor changes like these, major improvements have been made as well. In the past, materials for all orientation classes were printed separately, which was very time consuming. Today, all necessary documents for the sessions have been compiled into one Orientationsolver Workbook. The workbook is incredibly efficient for both new hires and facilitators. Further, I’m always looking forward to making new additions and improvements wherever I can!


Q: What experience/exposure have you received within the EE team that you didn’t think you were going to get?

A: After getting to observe and learn the ropes of how Orientationsolver works from a facilitator’s perspective for a few weeks, it was my turn to jump in. Typically, I work more behind the scenes regarding orientation where I complete tasks like organizing New Hire paperwork, gathering necessary materials, and putting together folders. However, during the most recent class of New Hires, I was able lead some of the smaller sessions. I believe leadership is a key aspect in any role or position and getting the chance to facilitate sessions of adults successfully was a great experience for me. Although I was out of my comfort zone at first, I was happy with what I was able to accomplish!  


Q: What’s your favorite thing about being on the Engagement Team?

A: From my very first day of work, I have felt incredibly welcomed within the Engagement Team. Each member has demonstrated Businessolver’s “work hard, play hard” atmosphere through their task-oriented, yet approachable and fun selves. My favorite thing about working on the Engagement Team is the wide range of work and projects – both big and small – that I am able to contribute to.  I’ve been lucky enough to have worked closely with almost every member on the team, which has been great exposure for me. I think it’s rare to work at a place where you’re constantly able to learn something new every day, but I have Businessolver, and more specifically the Employee Engagement Team, to thank for that!