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The Heart Behind #HRTech

The Heart Behind #HRTech
Posted on Wednesday, October 14, 2015 by Businessolver Team

In a world where everything is about automation, eliminating humans, and letting technology run itself, it might seem strange for a technology company to take such a stance on the robustness of their people versus boating strictly about slick technology.

But at Businessolver, we believe that it’s not just the technology that makes the magic happen. It’s the heart behind it. Technology is just technology. It’s the people and passion behind it that really make it special.

Technology will do the job that it is told to do. It’s the people that bring the technology to life, because in the end, it’s the people and their heart that will go the extra mile and ensure delight.

We could tell you, or we could show you. And we’re planning on showing you at this year’s #HRTechConf. Get ready to experience #TechWithHeart at this year’s #HRTechConf.

our unique approach to applying an altruistic element to our #HRTechConf experience. Instead of spending money on giveaways that will end up in the garbage, on the ground, or altogether forgotten about, we are taking this opportunity to create a better experience. An experience with heart.

You won’t be disappointed, and guarantee you’ll leave with a heart that is a little fuller, and brighter.

 We’re on a mission to bring back the human element of HR technology. Join us at booth 1435.