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The One Thing: Take it Personally

The One Thing: Take it Personally
Posted on Thursday, February 15, 2018 by Josh Holman


Welcome to “The One Thing,” a new Businessolver blog series that takes a closer look at our approach to client service. 180207_OneThing_Blog


A major part of our mission is to delight our clients, and Solvers recommit each day to doing so. “The One Thing” shares insights from Solvers on how they stay true to the mission and motivated to bring it to life in their daily work.

First up, Josh Holman, Vice President of Client Engagement. As one of Businessolver’s first employees, Josh has more than 15 years of SaaS experience, including 10 years of experience in benefits administration. At Businessolver, he focuses on driving consistency across our Client-Centric Teams to ensure we deliver delight through our product innovation, service delivery, and industry vision. A Colorado native, Josh is the founder of Businessolver’s regional hub in Denver, and lives in Denver with his family.

We asked Josh: What’s the one thing you wish HR/benefits pros knew about our client service?

Our clients consistently raise the bar, challenging us to outperform our previous service levels. And we do – week after week, year after year, Businessolver exceeds our clients’ expectations most of the time.


We’re not perfect. While we strive for perfection, we recognize that we can always improve. This never-ending cycle is fueled by one thing: We take our clients’ feedback personally.

Just like HR/benefits isn’t a 9-5 job, neither is benefits administration. We work hard every minute to make our clients’ lives easier, the same way they do for their employees. As we surprise our clients by going above and beyond, our passion is driven by the fact that we take our results personally. If we miss the mark or under-deliver, we take it just as personally as we do when we deliver complete delight.

So, that is what I want HR/benefits professionals to know about client service: If you feel like something’s wrong, it is! We will raise the alarm until you get what you need. Our system is flexible, which means it’s fixable; if a client has a bad experience, there is always a remedy. We’re proud and grateful to know the vast majority of our clients love our technology and service. But to the ones that may be having a tough time: It’s not you; it’s us. And we take it personally.