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Three Essential Elements in Exceptional Employee Service  

Three Essential Elements in Exceptional Employee Service  
Posted on Thursday, January 26, 2023 by Linda Casas

Elevate your member services strategy by combining kindness, quality, and efficiency with self-service technologies.

We know how stressful it can be, making the decision to outsource your member service.

Will your service partner understand your population’s unique needs? Will your workers be treated with the same care and attention to detail that your own team would show? And what about upholding your company culture and values?

Our motto is Tech with Heart. Wholeheartedly, we believe that every claim number and phone call represents a real human being. Here’s how we deliver on that promise to take care of your employees.

Kindness: Leading with empathy drives quality results 

The first step in creating exceptional employee service is cultivating a culture of kindness with those who do the serving. Engaged employees are more likely to feel supported and able to complete their responsibilities when they feel valued.  

We take the “pulse” of our member service Solvers on a regular basis to ensure we have quantifiable insight to their engagement level and satisfaction at work. This is how we know that kindness throughout our policies and culture have led to successful results. 

For example, our fully-remote workforce (thanks to our Workspace Anywhere philosophy) no longer spends the average 55 minutes per day commuting to and from work. This means they are saving real minutes and hours that can be invested elsewhere in their life—and that leads to happier and healthier employees.

Of our own workforce, 90% of our member advocates say they feel productive working remotely.  

In addition to more productive employees, our remote workforce has also led to a more expert and diverse talent pool across our organization. Embracing remote arrangements has given us the means to hire the best of the best across all 50 States, which helps us invest in DEI initiatives while finding the best employees to take care of your people.

The impact of this can be seen not only in employees feeling represented and heard, but also that they become promoters of the organization. In fact, Businessolver’s net promoter score has more than doubled in the past year, and our increased DEI investment no doubt plays a factor in that. 

Quality: Prioritizing employee delight leads to delivering efficiency 

It almost goes without saying; customer satisfaction should be prioritized, measured, and consistent. But the nuance here is, prioritizing delight for employees leads to delighted customers.  

At Businessolver, our employee retention rate within our member services team is close to 85%, much higher than most traditional “call centers.” Our average member satisfaction survey score during our busiest season was 4.45 out of 5. Talk about incredible results!  

Before we implemented Workspace Anywhere, our average quality score for case resolutions was 86%. This year, it’s increased to an average of 97%.

Paying attention to member-level feedback is critical to success. But training employees, increasing collaboration across teams, and promoting the team’s welfare make up the key ingredients to a happy team, and ultimately, happy members. 

Efficiency: Enabling self-service when possible and providing support when necessary 

The efficiency component is two-fold. First, empowering employees to self-serve.

At Businessolver, 30% of all incoming calls during our busiest season were resolved without needing to talk to a human—ensuring we are providing the fastest route to resolution for the employee in need. We route people by anticipating their intent in our phone system, and provide them an opportunity to act online, through the MyChoice® Mobile App or our AI benefits assistant, Sofia™. While this eliminates human interaction, it’s an empathetic approach to technology as members are expecting a smart, seamless experience.

Furthermore, as expected, Sofia was busier than last year. During annual enrollment, call volumes increased as forecasted, and Sofia helped cover all that extra volume, plus some. She interacted with 39% of all incoming phone calls and took as much as 90% of the chat volume. I don’t call her my best friend for nothing.  

Second, as a technology company we take data very seriously. That’s why every year, we comb through our understandings from previous years and what we know to be true for the upcoming AE season to forecast our call volume. This allows us to thoughtfully hire and train our gig population well in advance of our forecasted busiest days and times.

Our member services team anticipated a slight increase in call volume this annual enrollment and our forecast was spot on… and best of all, we were ready. 

Now in 2023, we are excited to continue our mission to deliver kind, quality and efficient service. We strive to be an extension of your team, delivering the same exceptional service to employees as you would.