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Tribe – Empathetic Leadership Takes a Village

Tribe – Empathetic Leadership Takes a Village
Posted on Friday, March 23, 2018 by Bridget Mortland
For Women’s History Month, we are celebrating the inspiring and hard-working women at Businessolver who are helping to create the success of the company each and every day. 

For our next entry, we interviewed Bridget Lind, the Director of Product Marketing and Operations.

Why do you think it’s important to celebrate Women’s History Month? 

I’ve always been one to celebrate Women’s History Month. I’m proud to honor those women who paved the way for our gender, fighting for equality and rights in a time when it seemed impossible. But what’s so cool about Women’s History Month in 2018, is witnessing first-hand the history we are creating as tribe of women today. The momentum for women’s rights has been incredible. Never before have we seen such strength in numbers and passion for no longer staying silent in the face of adversity. I’m proud to be a woman, a sister, a mother and a friend, who gets to be a part of women’s history.

What women in history do you admire most and why? 

Margaret Thatcher. She was loved by many, loathed by others, but she defied the odds to become the first female Prime Minister of Great Britain. Traditionally a “boys club,” she proved to women around the world that anything is possible when we work hard, commit to our ideals, and refuse to stand down.  Regardless of any politics, that counts for something.

What woman or women inspired you to be the leader you are today?

There are several women in my life who have encouraged and inspired me. My sisters, the women whom I have the pleasure of working with today, those who are on my teams, those whose friendships I hold close – they all inspire me.

To give a few shout- outs: 

My Mom. She is the most incredible woman I know. To say that she exudes servant leadership is an understatement. She taught me that leading with empathy and without judgment, is critical to building lasting relationships. She sacrificed often to help my sisters, my brother and I accomplish our dreams. I can only hope to say someday that I’ve been able to impact others’ lives in the way she has impacted mine.

Polly Tousey. Polly was one of the very first leaders who challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. Early in my career, I avoided discussions related to future roles because I had a fear of not experiencing my current position and pigeon-holing myself down a path that I was unsure I’d find passion for in long-term. However, she continued to challenge my way of thinking and forced me to find my true passion for innovation. Thanks to her, I continue to find ways to impact people’s lives through product innovation. 

Rae Shanahan. Many of you readers know Rae, our Chief Strategy Officer. Rae is a leader who encourages us to be the best version of ourselves every day. Some days it is not easy to always put your best foot forward, but I know Rae holds me accountable to that, not only for me, but for my teams and for our clients.  And for that, I am incredibly grateful.

What advice would you give to women following in your footsteps? 

  • Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and do something each day that challenges you to experience something different.
  • Always believe in yourself. You should and will always be your own best advocate. Believing in yourself gives others a reason to believe in you as well.
  • Always bring others along with you in your success. We know that going the extra mile is a great thing, but going at it with others is even better.
  • Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t, and when they do, prove them wrong. 
  • Most importantly, whatever you do: do it with pride, passion and purpose.

If you could give advice to your 20-year-old self, what would that be?

Embrace every moment, be present and engage fully. My 20’s feel like a blur. Thank goodness for social media that provides a way to document life! My 20’s were spent raising my son, building a career, balancing family & friends, and mentoring a small group of teenage girls, all while finding time for my work hard – play hard attitude. All great things, all time consuming, so I wish I was reminded more often to embrace each moment. I wish I would have listened more when people told me that time goes fast; they weren’t kidding.

Let’s all take time at the close of this month, to be thankful for those who blazed the trail for all women to be where we are today. And just as importantly, take time to hold each other up as we celebrate who we are in the present.