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Vision 2023: Delivering Insights, Delighting our Clients, and Disrupting the Industry 

Vision 2023: Delivering Insights, Delighting our Clients, and Disrupting the Industry 
Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2023 by Bridget Mortland

Vision 2023 delivers data-driven insights as we look into the future of benefits for HR professionals. More than 1,600 registrants joined us to talk about what makes a Worthwhile Workplace.  

Today concludes the first day of Vision 2023, Businessolver’s annual conference where our clients, benefits partners, and HR leaders can celebrate their successes, learn about industry innovations, and discuss strategies to improve the employee experience. 

Our purpose this year? Creating a Worthwhile Workplace. 

Today’s agenda was packed with powerful keynotes and engaging panel sessions, providing our audience with invaluable data, insights, and actionable takeaways.  

Shola Richards, best-selling author of Making Work Work and Go Together, commenced the day with an unforgettable keynote illustrating the importance of prioritizing your mental health to build resilience. His advice: Just focus on what you can do today. 

Vision 2023 continued with discussions about the future AI in benefits, empathy, and our 2023 product roadmap. Here’s a recap of the transformative moments, thought-provoking discussions, and innovative solutions that emerged from this extraordinary gathering. 

Delight. Disrupt. Deliver.  

Disruption is the norm. Behind the chaos lie opportunities to adjust and support your partners, peers, and employees. Embracing disruption, Jon Shanahan, Businessolver President and CEO, discussed his thoughts on the return-to-office effort and why he won’t underestimate flexibility again.  

The data and anecdotal evidence all point to one finding: Empathy is no longer a choice, but a mandate. Practicing empathy tells employees that they’re valued, heard, and seen in the workplace as contributors and, most importantly, unique human beings.  

The popularity of AI means benefits will never be the same 

Sony Sung-Chu eased our anxieties about AI and gave us a sneak peek at how HIPAA-compliant ChatGPT is helping Sofia deliver delight and empathy by helping her understand more complex benefits questions and sentiment so that she can deliver more accurate and helpful responses, resulting in increased employee self-service and support. 

AI is leading the way for Sofia to be integrated in every facet of Benefitsolver® and orchestrate delightfully personalized experiences. As Sony explained, “We want to bring forth empathy in every interaction, so Sofia has the ability to alleviate someone’s frustrations, provide comfort, and celebrate successes.”  

And the Solvie goes to…  

Though we strive to be change makers in the HR and benefits industry, we can’t do the work alone. Our Solvie award ceremony recognizes our clients and partners who share this journey with us to push the envelope while prioritizing people. 

This year, the Solvies are particularly special as Businessolver celebrates “25 Years of We” and two and half decades in the industry. 

After dozens of nominations, we honored clients across our four cultural pillars: Perform, Engage, Innovate, and Give Back. Businessolver’s own internal award winner, Luke Molloy, who was nominated by his peers as someone who embodies all these four qualities, joined the ceremony to share his perspective on what it means to embody the Businessolver culture and spirit.  

But Luke isn’t alone in his sentiments. We’re honored to have a large group of clients who hold similar values, and this year we’re celebrating 12 of them as key partners in our innovation and growth. 

Congratulations to our 2023 Solvie Winners! 

Perform Award Winners: 

  • Alison A. from EMD Millipore 
  • Evelyn F. from Halliburton 
  • Amy L. from Ace Hardware 

Engage Award Winners: 

  • Samantha Grace E. from BASF 
  • Matt M. from Phillips 
  • Lindsay W. from Regneron Pharmaceuticals 

Innovate Award Winners: 

  • Nicholas B. from Intel 
  • Tonyia Terry D. from Shopify 
  • Tonya S. Lumen Technologies 

Give Back Award Winners: 

  • Glenda H. from Cornerstone Building Brands 
  • Pamela R. from PRIDE Industries 
  • Angela T. from Swagelok 

But that’s not all!  

Day two of Vision is full of fun surprises, giveaways, and of course, more benefits action items and HR strategy from dedicated industry experts. Make sure to WATCH out for our Friday agenda! 

It’s not too late to join the fun! Register for day two, and who knows, you could win a prize!