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What’s New in HR Technology

What’s New in HR Technology
Posted on Monday, November 5, 2018 by Rae Shanahan

Regardless of the industry you work in, advances in technology are generally embraced to improve workflow, and performance. 


For those who work in HR, though, sometimes those changes can’t come fast enough.

We’re excited about some of the latest technological tools that are improving HR functions already and will continue to get better into 2019. Here are three of the latest HR technology innovations to keep your eye on: 

  1. Personal benefits assistants. Chatbots are becoming a regular feature of HR departments, as they help with tasks such as screening candidates and performing background checks. They can also provide answers to basic questions around company policies. Recently, we discussed how an AI tool can help HR professionals become more empathetic and efficient in their jobs. Beyond using simple chatbot tools, consider adopting a personal benefits assistant built with AI and machine learning technology that can handle increasingly complex questions around benefits and enrollment. Using Natural Language Processing, this tool gets “smarter” with more conversations and interactions, and it can help employees with their benefits-related questions any time and any place. With Annual Enrollment ramping up this month, this advanced technology is poised to make its greatest impact yet, helping employees and HR professionals through this busy season.
  2. Gamification. How can you make a mundane task better? Make a game out of it! Gaming has become a part of our culture, particularly for younger employees such as Millennials, who now make up the largest segment of the workforce. So when the time comes for training modules, such as harassment or information security policies, adding a gamified element can entice employees to complete what used to be dry, dull exercises. Gamification means taking something that already exists, for example, an onboarding or training session, and adding the mechanics of game to it—think points and badges, moving up levels, and being able to see where all the players are. Not only can gamified training systems spur employees to improve their skills, the experience of playing a game can encourage them to take time out of their busy day to complete important training tasks that, in the past, they may have put off.
  3. Wearables. Fitbits and smart watches have exploded in popularity, and at the same time, wellness programs in the workplace have become a staple of the HR world. Using wearables to track wellness metrics is a great way to keep employees engaged with a wellness program, and like the training programs we just discussed, points and challenges can be made into a game. Whether it’s steps or nutrition, wearables can help your employees focus on their holistic wellness, and since this technology is convenient—already on an employee’s wrist—they’re a natural fit for helping employees participate in, and stay involved with, meaningful wellness initiatives.

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