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Why Katy Volunteers

Why Katy Volunteers
Posted on Wednesday, June 8, 2016 by [email protected]

Katy Cavanaugh is a Professional Development Program representative and former Businessolver intern. “I volunteer because I have a passion for helping others. I volunteer for different races in Iowa and help ensure that their events run smoothly. Most recently, I volunteered for the Booneville Backroads Ultra Marathon event on Saturday, May 28. The participants in this event were running anywhere from 30 miles to 100 miles – many of these athletes were running for over 12 hours!  Volunteering at the aid station allowed me to make this an enjoyable event for the participants and race directors. I enjoy meeting new people and putting a smile on their faces in any way that I can. Cheering runners on at this event and helping with anything from filling their water bottles to getting a Band Aid to finding the correct route directions allowed me to do this. I always have fun volunteering because I know that giving my time helps others!”

Volunteers enjoy helping others. Do you enjoy helping others? If so, find a way to become a volunteer today!