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Why We Believe in Transparency

Why We Believe in Transparency
Posted on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 by Natalie McLinden

Seth Godin wrote a short post this morning titled “Sign Your Work” that I feel really aligns with our belief on transparency.

His take was that we expect everyone—from authors to surgeons to lawyers—to sign the work they do. Why? As Seth put it, “If you’re not proud of it, don’t ship it. If you are, sign your work and own the results.” We couldn’t agree more. Seth’s thoughts reiterated exactly why we place such high value on our philosophy of trust and transparency, as both are core to the culture we have all worked to create.

We believe in transparent service. Every interaction with an employee (call, chat, e-mail, etc.) is attached to the member record, signed with the representative’s name, and available 24/7 for administrator review. Is this necessary for the business process? No. Brave? Yes. Valuable? Absolutely. Allowing HR to view essentially every interaction with their employees ensures that every representative is proud to sign their name and own their work, and drives personal accountability. We welcome and applaud our HR leaders who take advantage of this transparency because it opens the doors for feedback and improvement, allowing us to work together to get things exactly how each client likes in real time.

We believe in transparent metrics. Along with transparent employee interactions, we also share our customer service metrics and status with each client. This commitment to transparent metrics ensures a commitment to continuous improvement and reminds us to constantly perform at our best. Our Service Center metrics are also transparent internally and displayed in real time company wide via display monitors to ensure accountability at all levels.

We believe in transparent technology. We give HR the reigns to view data feeds to and from carriers. They have full access to everything involved, from bringing data into Benefitsolver (imports) to transmitting data out of Benefitsolver (exports and payroll). If a client needs to see how an employee was transmitted to a carrier in 2009, there’s no waiting on a middle man—HR can pull it up at will since the information is stored indefinitely. All adds, changes, discrepancy reports, and dates of when we have worked them are 100% visible to our clients.

We challenge you to evaluate your current annual enrollment and the degree of transparency you’re getting with your benefits administration process. If you’re not able to see into every aspect of what’s going on, it’s worth asking why. We believe that it is to your benefit (and your vendors) to have a huge degree of transparency during the enrollment process so you can really see what’s going on—you’d be surprised how much you can learn, and apply what you learn to respond most optimally.

At Businessolver, we don’t pick and choose what to sign our name on—we hold the same expectations to everything we do. It’s part of our recipe for delight, and something that all of our clients benefit from.