E-book: Cloud, Schmoud: Can You Say Your Data's Safe?

You have no doubt heard all of the company names flying around that have unfortunately suffered a data breach of some magnitude over the past few months. So that raises the question, can you say your data is safe regardless of whether it is in the cloud or not? What is the big concern? HR benefits professionals specifically have five major concerns when it comes to data security:

  1. Everybody's going to get their hands on our company data - finance, operations, business strategy.
  2. Everyone's going to get their hands on personal employee data - health data, identification data, family data.
  3. A system in the cloud will never integrate with our other systems and we'll never launch our benefits enrollment platform.
  4. Everyone's in one big cloud, so how's my stuff safe from the prying eyes of competitors or hackers?
  5. Where is someone when something goes wrong? With our own server, I know who to call and where the equipment is.

This eBook, will address these concerns and help ease your fear of data risk by understanding:

  • What the cloud actually is
  • Alternatives to the cloud (they do exist)
  • How data is protected - whether it's in the cloud or not