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Commuter Benefits

The daily work commute is stressful enough.

With commuter benefits for transit and parking, you can help reduce the frustration and anxiety that often comes with getting to and from work.

Why MyChoiceTM Accounts?

With multiple options, we are ready to support your commuter needs. We offer flexible options that include a debit card that can be swiped at parking or transit authorities, or an order model that allows your workforce to order their transit card or pay for parking online by the month.

Putting Commuter to Work

Commuter Accounts are an employee benefit program that allows employees to set aside money a pre-tax basis to pay for certain expenses they incur traveling to and from work. Our commuter options include transit and parking.

  • Commuter Transit Accounts: This includes paying for public transportation and vanpools, to and from work.
  • Commuter Parking Account: This includes costs for parking at or near the employee’s workplace or at a location where the employee would then take public transportation to get to work.

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